I started my practice of Falun Dafa in 1995. Since Dafa was banned in 1999, I have been illegally detained four times. After breaking out from the labor camp by sending forth righteous thoughts in March, 2002, I have been doing Dafa work together with fellow practitioners.

On the afternoon of May 7, 2003, several policemen from the local police station suddenly broke into my residence, pushed me down against the floor before I could even say anything, and tied my hands behind my back using a piece of electrical wire. Then, they used a piece of cloth to wrap my head so tightly that I was almost suffocated. After they wrapped my head, the policemen took me away, not allowing me to put on my outdoor clothes and shoes. Kidnapped at the same time was a practitioner called Bai (now still detained in the city's labor camp). Another practitioner was ambushed and kidnapped by police, but now has escaped from custody with righteous thoughts.

In the police station, policemen punched and kicked me, and cuffed my hands behind my back with ice-cold cuffs. In the night, the director of the Brigade of State Guards escorted me to the city's Office of the Ministry of State Security. Once there, they showed me a detention warrant and asked me to sign it. I refused. A policeman roared out with rage "We can detain you without your signature just the same!"

In the local office of the Ministry of State Security, I had been cuffed to a chair and continuously interrogated until late at night. I kept firmly in mind Teacher's words and did not cooperate with the evil at all. After enduring with much effort for more than twenty days, I found my body displaying serious health-threatening symptoms. Firstly, my legs and feet became swollen, and then my head and face also swelled up. The evil secretly sent plainclothesmen to kidnap me to the city's hospital for an examination. They found the situation was grave. They also found out that I was a labor camp detainee out on bail for medical treatment, so they sent me to the labor camp.

In the labor camp, studying the Fa and practicing exercises were not allowed. I was harassed by four collaborators ( former practitioners who betrayed Dafa under pressure) and forced to read a lot of negative materials. Under this kind of persecution, my health went from bad to worse. After one month, my whole body was swollen to the limit, I was unable to eat, and my breathing was weak. I was on the verge of death.

In the first half of July, I was taken to a hospital for a forced treatment. I knew this was the best chance for me to escape and I had been looking for a chance in hopes of breaking out from the evil's clutches. However, my wish wasn't fulfilled.

In mid-August, my health improved and I was sent back to the labor camp again. However, once I returned to the camp, my whole body swelled up immediately. Several days later, I was sent back to the hospital again. I knew this was giving me another chance since the evil would not let go of me easily and I heard that the police planned to have me sentenced to prison. Therefore, as soon as I arrived at the hospital I began looking for the chance to escape. The next day when the guards were sleeping soundly, I quietly walked out and left the hospital immediately.

Upon getting back, I met fellow practitioners and all of them were very happy. They told me, "We knew your situation and we also read it on the Internet. We have been sending forth righteous thoughts to support you." I knew that it was Teacher's compassionate protection and fellow practitioners' righteous thoughts that made it possible for me to break out from the evil's den successfully this time. I am happy, for I have come back to the process of rectifying the Fa. I thank Teacher for his compassion and for fellow practitioners' help.