I am Chen Yinghua, a Falun Gong practitioner in Zhejiang Province. I would like to expose the following to the world:

  1. I was force-fed while I was held in the detention center. Under the direction of the police, several of my cellmates pressed down on my head, hands, feet, and torso, and then inserted a tube up my nasal passage and down into my stomach. My hands and feet were cuffed, and I was tightly tied to a bed every day. I could not straighten my arms or legs, and could not take care of myself. I was not even allowed to go to the bathroom. I was left tied up this way for a few days, and then interrogated. My legs were very weak, and I had to hold the wall and walk slowly. The director told me that under normal circumstances, only death row prisoners were made to wear foot shackles. However, the head of the Public and Security Bureau ordered both my hands and feet to be shackled.
  2. On the September 26, I was transferred to the Zhejiang Province Jail Hospital to be force-fed. In order to prevent me from pulling out the feeding tube, I was tightly tied to a bed using a special straightjacket and belt that were designed for use in the jail hospital. I could not move, and speaking or even swallowing saliva was extremely painful because of the tube in my nasal passage and esophagus.
  3. Every time I struggled to pull out the tube, the prisoner that was watching me pulled the straightjacket belts even tighter. The prisoners that took turns guarding me were told to "convince me to eat." If they failed the task or if something happened to me, their prison terms could be extended. Therefore, one person did not eat or drink anything for four meals to make me feel guilty and force me to eat, and afterwards she was very angry and force-fed me too much. I had convulsions and pain from my stomach all the way up to my larynx for the entire night. The next day, I vomited dark red liquid. I reported this to the nurse, but was told it was "all right." When they tried to force-feed me again, I asked the prisoner to extract some of the fluid out of my stomach before adding more. The extracted fluid contained dark red blood, which smelled really bad. Only when the nurse came to take a sample for examination did they realize that the tube had caused my stomach lining to hemorrhage. It was very painful when the tube was pulled out, as it had adhered to the stomach wall.

    At that time, the doctor said my blood pressure was extremely low, and my situation was critical. So, the tactic changed from force-feeding me to forcibly infusing me. After the infusion, I was untied for the first time, but I could not sit up on my own. I could only walk slowly with others holding me, my face was very pale, and my hands and feet were icy cold. I felt I could not control my body.

  4. After receiving an IV infusion every day, I wanted to pull out the IV needle and practice the exercises, but the hospital staff wouldn't let me. After that, they stopped untying my hands after the injections. Eventually both of my arms became blue with bruises and swollen all over. They could not find any place to insert the needle. Also, the blood vessels in my legs collapsed, and the blood could not circulate properly. Even though I was covered in bruises, the nurse still said, "No problem." When the insertion of the IV needle felt like a knife digging into my flesh, they would find another place on my body to insert the needle. Some nurses said to me: "If you pull the tube out again, we will immediately put it back. If you pull out the needle, we will reinsert it straight away." All the torture was aimed at forcing me to stop my hunger strike, which I had undertaken to resist the unjust persecution.

Today I want to expose the following crimes:

  1. I conducted a hunger strike while in the detention center, and for this the head of the Jiaxing City Public and Security Bureau punished me with force-feeding, and forced handcuffs and foot shackles upon me.
  2. In the so-called hospital, I suffered even more inhuman, brutal torture.
  3. Other prisoners were directed to torment me physically and mentally.
  4. If I became disabled or died while in the hospital, the Jiaxing City Public Security Bureau intended to have my body cremated and then claim that my death was an example of a Falun Gong practitioner committing suicide, and use the story in their false propaganda.