Mr. Zhou Jingsen, 69 years old, was a Dafa practitioner from Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. For his belief in Dafa, he was arrested and jailed with Team Four of Changlinzi Labor Camp. Because he refused to coordinate with the evil, he was brutally tortured at the camp. As a result, he developed scabies all over his body, from his neck to his ankles. He was so emaciated that he couldn't even sit straight. The police forced all practitioners, including Zhou Jingsen, to sit during the day, not allowing them to make any move. Oftentimes Zhou Jingsen fell and other people had to get him up. Even so, the police still wouldn't release Zhou. Later Yang Yu, a team officer, moved Zhou Jingsen to a room and detained him there, and still wouldn't set him free. One month later some high-up officials came to inspect the camp, and found Zhou Jingsen bedridden. Not wanting to take any responsibility should Zhou die, they finally released him. Just several days after his return home, he passed away.