October 10, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) During the four years of ongoing persecution, officials of the "610 Office" and policemen in Pengzhou City, Sichuan Province, have treated Falun Gong practitioners with ruthless brutality, illegally arresting or detaining them, putting them in labor camps, and sentencing them to prison. To date, five practitioners have been persecuted to death and many others have been forced to leave their homes.

At this time, there are over 20 practitioners who have been detained and tortured for more than a year at the brainwashing class held by the Pengzhou Public Security Bureau.

On the night of July 30th, 2002, officials from the "610 Office" along with officials from the local county government and the local police substation illegally ransacked practitioners' homes. Without showing any identification or paperwork, they smashed windows and broke through doors, arresting more than 40 Dafa practitioners and forcibly sending them to the brainwashing class held by the Pengzhou Public Security Bureau.

Some practitioners did not even have the time to put on their shoes before they were dragged out of their beds. Despite the "610" officials cursing, threatening, and brutally beating them, they could not move the practitioners' firm belief in Dafa. Practitioners protested their treatment by holding hunger strikes. When over ten practitioner's lives were at risk, policemen sent them to the Pengzhou City mental hospital to be subjected to injections, during which they shackled practitioners' arms and legs to the beds.

In a scheme concocted by "610" official Mr. Yang Jianhua, a group from the "610 Office" suddenly hurried into Pengzhou City mental hospital. Mr. Luo Ke, an official of the "610 Office", pulled out a piece of paper and read it aloud to every practitioner who was receiving injections against their will.

He read from the paper that, "To reach Consummation, we refuse to eat because our Master told us not to eat. If we die, this has nothing to do with the '610 Office', the government, or the hospital." And then he tried to force each practitioner to put his or her fingerprint on the so-called pact.

Dafa practitioners protested by stating, "Our Master never told us not to eat. We are holding a hunger strike because we want to protest our illegal detainment and are asking for our immediate release." Luo Ke, along with Mr. Wang Dong and others, forced open Dafa practitioners' hands to make fingerprints. At the same time they beat practitioners and yelled, "This is your own statement. You wanted to die yourself, and you placed your fingerprints on the paper by yourself. If you die, it has nothing to do with our office, the government, or the hospital!" and quickly left. With them was a woman who said, "You people can just go and die! Starving yourselves is the most painful way. You people can just slowly kill yourselves!"

When the Dafa practitioners were in the 85th day of their hunger strike, they had wasted away to the point that no doctor or nurse could give them injections any more. At that time, "610" officials obtained the Pengzhou City mayor's approval notice, ordering the doctors to begin force-feeding them. Seeing how dangerous the situation was, the doctors reported that they were afraid to follow the orders due to the probability of fatal accidents. "610" officials, however, insisted on force-feeding them, and said, "If they die, just send them for cremation!"

During the course of the brainwashing class, some practitioners were sent to labor camps, some were beaten and tortured so that they coughed up blood or passed blood in their stools. Others were tortured to the point of paralysis, being on the verge of death, requiring oxygen in order to be revived. "610" officials and doctors feared that they would die in the hospital, so the practitioners were released.

During this time, Mrs. Liao Mingfang, the vice director of the mental hospital (wife of the director of the mental hospital), along with others, cursed and beat practitioners. To date, there are still over 20 practitioners detained in the brainwashing class and in the mental hospital, enduring inhumane torture. They don't allow any relatives to visit them.

On the morning of July 25th of this year, Mao Yongxin and Wang Bing, two policemen from the Guankou police substation of the Jiulong district, Pengzhou City, broke into villager Mrs. Yang Jiying's home in Pengzhou city, Longfong village, without showing any identification, and took her away. A few days later, Mao Yongxin and Wang Bing presented a sentence notice to Mrs. Yang's husband, Yuan Wanjun, on which the ages and education for Mrs. Yang and her husband were not correct. They illegally sentenced Mrs. Yang to one year of re-education through labor in a labor camp and Mr. Yuan to 18 months re-education through labor outside a labor camp. Yang's family members and neighbors strongly protested and resisted the persecution so that the policemen left the notice behind and hurriedly ran away.

People who are responsible:

Zuo Lin, head of the "610 Office" in Pengzhou city

Lan Wei, general secretary of the political and law committee

Mao Yongxin, policeman at the Guankou police substation of the Jiulong district, Pengzhou City, Tel: 86-28-83810662, Cell: 86-13688476609

Policeman, Yang Yang

Wang Bing, policeman of the Fenglong town, Pengzhou City