(Clearwisdom.net) October 21, 2003 report: Dafa practitioner Mr. Zhang Jiaying, approximately 40 years old, was an employee for the Echeng Cement Factory in Ezhou City, Hubei Province. He was unable to withstand the inhuman persecution and died on January 28, 2003, after suffering psychological pressure and tremendous physical pain from brutal beating and long-term persecution, three days before Chinese New Year of 2003.

Police from Echeng District Police Department in Ezhou City, Hubei Province, had arrested him in early January of 2001 and detained him in the No. 1 Detention Center. On June 22, 2001, Echeng District People's Prosecutor issued an official warrant for his arrest. In early 2002, Zhang Jiaying was secretly sentenced to seven years in prison at Echeng District Court and was later sent to the Shayang Labor Camp in Hubei Province for further persecution.

During his detention in the Shayang Labor Camp, Zhang Jiaying suffered inhuman tortures because he refused to give up his belief. He was often brutally beaten by guards and inmates and both his legs broken from the beating. He was on the verge of death. The Shayang Labor Reeducation Bureau didn't want to take the responsibility and sent him back to his work unit in late 2002, Echeng City Cement Factory.

When Zhang Jiaying was sent home, his wife could not recognize him, other than from his voice. He could not take care of himself and could only crawl on the floor with support of his hands.

Zhang Jiaying was illegally fired from his job and his wife was also laid off. During his illegal detention, corrupt authorities extorted money from his family who was in difficult financial circumstances already. His son was still in school. Local practitioners were not aware that Zhang Jiaying had returned home. The family had no money to obtain medical treatment. He also endured psychological pressure and tremendous physical pain.

In order not to add burden to his family, Zhang Jiaying used all his possible strength, climbed over the parapet of his home's balcony and jumped off his apartment building and died three days before Chinese New Year of 2003. [Note: Dafa prohibits killing and suicide. Hereby we want to again remind fellow practitioners to cherish their precious human body in all kinds of environment, and also to remind Dafa practitioners that we should always remember ourselves as being Dafa practitioners and to remember our historic mission to validate Dafa and to save people. However, we also know that Zhang Jiaying's death is the result of Jiang group's brutal persecution. We strongly condemn Jiang group's crime of persecuting the innocent. Related perpetrators will receive punishment by public law and karmic retribution as established by heaven's law.]

Zhang Jiaying's wife is in deep grief after he died. His son, who is still a minor, was forced to drop out of school to live with relatives in Zhang Jiaying's hometown, Hongan County, Hubei Province.

In 2000, Zhang Jiaying was illegally detained for 15 days under administration detention and later for more than one month under criminal detention.