In light of the rapid development of the lawsuits against Jiang, we Dafa practitioners should better understand the Fa from the Fa, and thus, further elevate ourselves. The following are some of my personal understandings obtained through Fa-study. Please kindly correct anything that is inappropriate.

1. Relying on the Deviated and Degenerate Methods of the Old Cosmos Won't Establish Justice in the Human World or Upgrade Morality.

We should be clear about the following: The "lawsuit against Jiang" is processed under a degenerate legal system in this society, wherein mankind as a whole is degenerating. However sound the legal system may seem in any country, it stands on a degenerate and deviant foundation. Under the arrangements of the old forces, politics, science, culture, arts and belief in today's human society have all deviated into elements that are blasphemous to the Dafa of the new cosmos. Humankind cannot possibly return to virtue on its own accord unless Dafa practitioners have first sufficiently clarified the truth. Of everything among the old forces and the old cosmos, there is nothing that will allow humankind to return to virtue. We cannot and should not rely on such a system to fairly and justly evaluate the Dafa, which is creating the new cosmos. Therefore, we should not forget who play the leading roles in this grand play. Otherwise, this in itself inverts the relationship.

It is Teacher who is rectifying the Fa. Dafa practitioners are assisting Teacher, in the human world, with Fa-rectification and validating the Fa. Only Dafa can enable mankind to return to virtue and raise the level of morality. The display of Dafa practitioners' character, thoughts and behavior as they validate the Fa is the actual manifestation of Dafa upgrading the morality of mankind, while practitioners simultaneously serve as role models that propel the restoration of everyday people's humanity and moral values.

We should be clear that today's human society is still sliding down a steep slope ever so fast, and it is utterly incapable of assisting with the Fa-rectification. Specifically, in terms of the "lawsuit against Jiang," regardless of whether one is a renowned lawyer, a grand judge, an international organization, a government, a leader or a court; the power of Fa-validation ultimately comes from the righteous belief of Dafa practitioners. It also comes from their comprehensive understanding of the facts of the persecution and their ways of explaining profound concepts in ordinary human language.

We cannot rely on the influence of everyday people to advance the "lawsuit against Jiang" because, in the human world, Teacher is leading Dafa practitioners to rectify the Fa. All countries, organizations, people and matters in human society are just making "choices" amidst the Fa-rectification, which is actually determining their future. Their understanding and support of Dafa is their choice for the future, but they are not endowed with the sacred mission, opportunity, ability and mighty virtue. Rather, Teacher has endowed only Dafa practitioners with such a magnificent mission, ability, opportunity and mighty virtue. Although many of us don't understand legal rules and procedures, in the case against Jiang we should not have any expectations or rely on lawyers, judges and courts because that would be improperly positioning ourselves within the Fa-rectification.

It is only when we elevate together as a whole and clarify the truth in a concrete and systematic manner that the case against Jiang can demonstrate our progress in the human world.

The decision of an American judge on September 12, 2003, and that of a Belgian district attorney on October 9, should have awakened us. Judging from the several statements that led to their decisions, we could say that they were all just excuses for injustice.

Why is it that with Jiang being so obviously a murderer, the judge simply would not hear the case? It is because our understanding of the Fa is not sufficiently elevated. Also, we have attachments that entangle us in the trivial details of the laws. Meanwhile, in the alleged "soundness" of the legal system that is in fact degenerate, everyday people cannot possibly declare justice under their own limited power because, when dealing with this monumental event, ordinary people require strong support from Dafa practitioners. Until the grand current of Fa-rectification arrives at the human world, the fundamental problems of the old cosmos cannot be resolved. These fundamental problems include the prearrangements and covert agents of the old forces and the interference they cause, as well as the damage and persecution originating from the degenerate demons who seek to ruin the Fa.

2. Do Not Consider the "Lawsuit Against Jiang" as Just Another "Lawsuit" Within the Ordinary World

The case against Jiang is a journey that we must walk during Fa-rectification. The purpose and meaning of the suit against Jiang, and our behavior as we process the lawsuit is not at all like a lawsuit filed by ordinary people. An important insight is that we must use the forms available within the ordinary world to better expose the evil, clarify the truth and save sentient beings, in a deeper, broader and more detailed manner. If we treat this as just a normal lawsuit filed by ordinary people in the ordinary world, then our perspective is wrong. We should have no expectations of the lawsuit's progress or outcome in the ordinary human world. Whenever setbacks occur, we should not focus on using legal techniques to resolve them. If we expend too much of our energy on specific legal processes and details, we will easily fall into human attachments and will be subordinating truth clarification to only a supplementary measure that would serve as support for the lawsuit. We would then be erroneously giving the lawsuit a higher priority than clarifying the truth.

From another perspective, pursuing any progress or outcome regarding the lawsuit in the human world is not important to Fa-rectification. Dafa is harmonious, complete and wise. With these lawsuits we can reach deeper into a wider range of society to systematically and more conveniently clarify the truth. Without these lawsuits we should still be able to clarify the truth well, as usual. Now Fa-rectification is just using Jiang's evil form in the surface world to complete the final task of the Fa-rectification. Jiang and his evil elements are all under control. If Fa-rectification required that they receive their retribution immediately, they absolutely wouldn't be able to last for another second.

3. Don't Allow Ourselves to be Led by the Legal Techniques and Procedures of the "Lawsuit Against Jiang."

Falun Dafa practitioners are following Teacher's arrangements to assist him with the Fa-rectification. So much needs to be done in the Fa-rectification, and among these things, the lawsuit is just one major demonstration. We must take care and coordinate the various aspects of Fa-rectification work. In terms of the "lawsuit against Jiang," we do need to proceed, and we need to escalate our progress; however, we cannot become attached to it. We cannot form any attachments while we process the case. We must not allow ourselves to be led by the lawsuit, and especially we cannot allow ourselves to be led by the legal procedures of the lawsuit. We should take the initiative to follow the path of Fa-rectification. To be specific, this past year, Dafa practitioners as a whole have handled the lawsuit well. Nevertheless, some still presented the mentalities of expectation, observation, longing and dependence. For example, it was previously stated that there would be a decision in June, so we worked hard and waited. Then the decision was delayed for three months, during which we also waited, worked hard and had expectations. When the judge announced his unreasonable ruling, some of us were affected and thought that we should supplement more specific evidence to build a stronger case, thus demonstrating a narrow understanding. I think that while lawyers can continue with their work, Dafa practitioners should not be affected by a judge's ruling. We can only find areas that still need improvement by studying the Fa from the Fa and looking inward. In order to better clarify the truth, we must treat the lawsuit as a demonstration of tempering and improving ourselves in our cultivation and Fa-rectification.

From yet another view, any country, organization, court, judge or lawyer in the human world who encounters the mission of handling Jiang's case, is given a once-in-a-million-year opportunity to choose a wonderful future. Ordinary people can also establish their mighty virtue using this opportunity; however, because they neither cultivate nor have a Fa-rectification mission, their mighty virtue is not compatible with that of Dafa practitioners. To be exact, this is a rare opportunity given to them to make their choice. Since they have already made their choices, why should we become attached to them?

4. Place More Emphasis on Bringing Jiang to Justice in the People's Hearts and Conscience, Than in the Degenerate Courts.

Based on a Dafa perspective, the progress of practitioners in putting Jiang on trial in people's hearts and consciences can awaken people's righteousness and virtue. This will make more people understand the heinous crimes committed by Jiang, the "610 Office" and their evil group of followers, and enable the restoration of humanity and moral values. This is exactly what we should do in the Fa-rectification. When people base themselves on humanity and morality, using the standard of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, to witness the unprecedented persecution against Dafa and practitioners taking place today, the evil nature of Jiang and his followers will be easily and clearly recognized, and justifiably scorned. In essence, this is putting them on trial and eliminating them.

Remember that during the period when society's moral standard was higher, if someone were accused of being less than a good person, that person would feel such shame that they could not function. In fact, in human society, the controlling restraint effected by humanity and morality should be higher than the restrictions imposed by the law. With the degeneration of mankind, people began advocating laws made by one or a few persons of authority. The use of these laws to restrict people's thoughts and behavior is, in itself, the consequence of mankind's degeneration and deviation.