Interviewed By A Reporter Regarding A Medical Miracle an Elderly Man Said: "Only After Practicing Falun Gong Was My Disease Cured"

The spouse of a practitioner suddenly suffered from a cerebral hemorrhage and became paralyzed as a result. His condition did not improve but instead deteriorated after medical treatment. The doctor told this practitioner to prepare for his funeral. After going home, this practitioner read Zhuan Falun to her spouse every day. After several days, he gradually regained movement in his limbs and could walk. Doctors think this is truly a medical miracle and visited their home along with a reporter. He said, "My disease was cured because I studied the book Zhuan Falun. Now I also practice Falun Gong!"

Villagers Ask, "What Party Member Can Be This Nice?"

In a city in northeast China, there is a one-mile-long road that leads to the town government. Every year the government needs to invest 2,000 Yuan to maintain the good condition of this road.

In 2003, a local practitioner voluntarily fixed the road in twenty days, making it very smooth. He did not take one cent. In addition, He also took the responsibility of maintaining the road. People all commented that Falun Gong practitioners are better than the Party members. Upon seeing this, a person who used to have negative opinions towards Falun Gong due to the influence of the propaganda said, "The government says that Falun Gong is bad, but what Party members are this good?"