October 6, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net, October 16, 2003)

I was detained at the Nanmusi Women's Forced Labor Camp at the Zizhong County, Sichuan Province for three years. I have experienced and suffered the most inhumane and vicious torture methods inflicted on Dafa practitioners by Jiang Zemin's regime. The cruel features of the jail guards and the savage crimes they committed are still vivid before my eyes. The suffering and courage of Dafa practitioners have moved the sky and the earth; both gods and ghosts shed tears.

1. Torture Method: "Swallow Clinging to a Wall (Yan-Er-Ba-Bi)"

There have been thousands of Dafa practitioners detained at the Nanmusi Forced Labor Camp at various periods of time. The Seventh Squadron is the most vicious section, led by Zhang Xiaofang. The jail guards in the seventh squadron are criminals and are very cruel when torturing and killing Dafa practitioners.

In 2000, after we were sent to the Nanmusi Forced Labor Camp, in order to coerce us to give up the practice of Dafa, police guards tortured us in various ways. First, they forced us to hold a standing position they called the "swallow clinging to a wall "where one is forced to stand up straight with the head and mouth clinging to a wall without moving or talking for 17 to 18 hours a day. Drug addicts monitored us and we were not allowed to take baths, wash our faces or rinse our mouths. In such horrible conditions, many Dafa practitioners were inflicted with scabies in the size of one inch in diameter that itched severely and emitted a foul-smelling odor. Scratching the scabies when they itched caused injury to the skin and bleeding. When being forced to stand up for a long time, the scabs would break and blood would flow down from the scabies, but the guards did not allow us to wipe it off. After being in contact with the drug addicts for some time, our kindness moved them. They would secretly bring some water for us to wash our body. The police guards allowed us to only sleep for two to four hours. Suffering as it was, three months in that hell slowly elapsed.

In 2001, we were relocated to different groups. Guards coerced criminals to "reform" us and forced us to stand up in military formation, to run, to do physical exercises, to do the "Swallow Clinging to a Wall", and to read books which defame Dafa. Since we still had not renounced our belief in Dafa, the guards sent 20 of us Dafa practitioners to another squadron and shut us up in an out of the way small room, and prohibited us from talking or moving. They forced us to sit in military style and attempted to brainwash us with lies that slandered Dafa. Four months later, we were again separated and sent to different squadrons.

In the squadron, when we refused to do the physical exercises, the guards shocked us with electric batons. I refused to wear the "criminal mark" so the guards handcuffed me and shocked me with electric batons. Every time they played videos to defame Dafa or read articles to slander Dafa, I would stand up to protest. Guards then handcuffed me to a tree. I refused to attend the meetings arranged to attack Falun Gong and started a hunger strike. Four or five days later, guards ordered criminals to drag me on the ground in the exercise yard lap by lap until my clothes torn and worn out.

2. Torture Method: "Force-feed with Cold Water and Do Not Allow to Use Toilet"

For determined Dafa practitioners who never gave up their belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance", guards used more vicious and crueler methods to torture them. Whether in the hottest summer or the coldest winter, Dafa practitioners were forced to stand outdoors, without talking, moving, and going to the toilet for several days and nights.

In such an unbearable situation, some practitioners were forced to excrete onto the ground. Wicked guards then dipped the broom into the feces and put the dirty broom to practitioners' mouths. Many practitioners had to excrete into their trousers. The foul smell, all the feces in the trousers and on the ground was a horrible scene. Standing for a long time caused the legs to swell and turn black. One Dafa practitioner stood up to protest whenever Dafa and Teacher were slandered. As a result, cruel police guards inserted dirty mops into her mouth, handcuffed her, then shocked her with electric batons and tied her up to a tree. But all the torture methods used could not shake her firm belief in Dafa.

Since winter of 2002, police guards became even more rampant and violent. They assembled all determined Dafa practitioners to a sports ground, then force-fed them with cold water and did not allow them to use the toilet. Our abdomens swelled up, bloated due to being force-fed and urine dripped down our trousers. The guards would then strip a piece of clothing from us and used it to wipe off the urine and drop it into a trash can. Then they force-fed us again, stripped one more piece of clothing, wipe the urine, drop it into trash can. They repeated this over and over again until only our underwear was left on each of us. In the cold winter, many Dafa practitioners, now without any clothing, were trembling in the chilly wind and their skin turned blue. One female Dafa practitioner was stripped naked and left with nothing to wear. She was given some underwear (but no regular clothing) only after other guards condemned the policewoman who tortured that practitioner.

Police guards also instigated drug addicts to beat Dafa practitioners until their face swelled and bruised, and their bodies were full of injuries. After the beating, Dafa practitioners were sent to a hospital, but the guards spread rumors that Dafa practitioners were attempting to commit suicide. One Dafa practitioner's kidney was seriously injured. Dafa practitioner Gao Yan was tortured until suffering from a mental collapse, but the guards still kept on torturing her in various ways.

Another brutal way guards tortured Dafa practitioners was to force them to kneel down for a long time while sticking slips of paper full of words defaming Dafa and Teacher. Guards put Dafa practitioners onto a bench, and then stretched each individual's legs apart in the position of doing splits until both legs and the buttocks touched the bench to form a straight line. The sound of the bones and joints cracking and breaking could be heard from a distance. When I heard the painful cries of practitioners, my heart ached like it was exploding. The horrible sound still resonates in my ears. Police guards forced criminals to drag Dafa practitioners on the ground in circles. This caused practitioners to bleed and pieces of their torn clothes were every where. Blood and mud were mixed together and stuck onto the injured areas of the practitioners bodies. That's too was a frightening of a scene to look at.

Police guards used all methods to torture us day by day and month by month, as that is the true feature of Jiang Zemin's Criminal Regime.

3. Head and Double-crossed Legs Bound Together for Many Hours

During the night, police guards put two single beds together. A Dafa practitioner, with both hands handcuffed became sandwiched by two criminals who slept on the edges of the two beds. Practitioners were tortured for a whole day and received injuries all over their bodies, and in such a place, they were only allowed to sleep for several hours, where a second day of torture followed. Many Dafa practitioners suffered torture for consecutive days with no sleep allowed at all.

In the cold winter, police guards took off practitioners' clothes, bound their hands behind their back, and then forcibly bound their head to their legs that were double-crossed [forced into a lotus position] so that the whole body formed a ball shape. It is an unbearable torture method even to suffer for a short moment, but the guards bound practitioners in that way for one or two days, or for many hours. Every second of the torture is extremely painful! Just for their firm belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance", practicing to be a good person, and clarifying the truth of Dafa to people, Dafa practitioners suffer unimaginable cruel tortures!

4. One Dafa Practitioner Died after Being Violently Force-fed

In May 2003,, a female Dafa practitioner who was over 60 years old was sent into the Camp. Police guards forced criminals to beat and force-feed her. When that practitioner was dying, the police guards still directed criminals to force-feed her. Many people heard her cries of pain. On the second day we learned that she was tortured to death. We did not know her name or where she was from.

For those practitioners who renounced their belief under intense pressure, the police guards still did not release them. They were forced to curse Dafa and Teacher before every meal or sleep. Every day, they were forced to read books or watch videos that slandered Dafa. They were forced to attack Dafa in meetings and gatherings. They were punished even if they resisted orders a little bit.

Since the beginning of 2003, except for the brutal tortures of practitioners, the Nanmusi Women's Forced Labor Camp openly claimed that they will use all brutal tortures they can think of to "reform" Dafa practitioners. We hope fellow practitioners who read this article will help to eliminate the evils in that place. We appeal to the international society to pay attention to the brutal acts of Jiang Zemin's regime. Please help stop the atrocities of unparalleled savagery of Jiang Zemin's regime. The world needs righteousness and justice!