Falun Dafa Information Center July 28th news: Falun Gong practitioner Zhuang Xincheng, a resident from Meihekou City, Jilin Province was arrested twice last year. He was tortured for over 48 hours. The first time he was arrested, he successfully escaped from the police station. The second time, in early December 2002, he died while trying to flee. The cause of his death is still under investigation.

News from Jilin Province said that Falun Gong practitioner Zhuang Xincheng was 30 years old. He lived on Xiangyang Street in Hongmei Town, Meihekou City. At the end of July 2002, the local police ransacked his home and found a lot of Falun Dafa books and Falun Gong truth-clarifying materials, and therefore, arrested him and brought him to the Meihekou Police Station.

According to people familiar with the case, four policemen tortured Zhuang Xincheng for 48 hours, attempting to get a confession about the sources of the Falun Gong truth-clarifying materials. He was not allowed to sleep, drink, or eat. Several days later, Zhuang Xincheng fled by jumping off the third floor and living homelessly in the streets.

According to news, Zhuang Xincheng later went to the houses of his relatives in Shandong Province. During his contact with his family, the phone was wiretapped. He was arrested again at the end of 2002. His two relatives were forced to pay a fine of 3,000 and 4,000 yuan [500 yuan is the average monthly salary for an urban Chinese worker].

According to the report given by the policemen who abducted Zhuang Xincheng, in early December 2002, on the way from Shandong to Meihekou City, Jilin Province, he broke out of his handcuffs, jumped out of a train window, and died.

However, until now, the report on Zhuang Xincheng's death has been kept at the police station and was never delivered to his family. A hole in his skull had caused suspicion among his family and friends. Until now, the official cause of Zhuang Xincheng's death is still under investigation.

Hongmei Town Police Station (86-488-451-1305) -- A policeman confirmed Zhaung's death.