Understanding and sympathizing with Dafa practitioners' situation, a restaurant owner hired a practitioner and later promoted her to be the manager of the main dining room because of her excellent performance. The police illegally arrested the practitioner and intended to send her to a detention center because of her appealing to the government in Beijing and persistence in practicing Dafa. The restaurant owner tried different means and paid ten thousand Yuan [500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China.] for her release, then continued to employ her as the manager.

As the business expanded, another restaurant was opened and more employees were needed. The owner asked the practitioner to recommend a trustworthy person for the cashier position; he said that anyone she recommended would be good since he trusted her. She said, " I do not know others, but I can recommend another Dafa practitioner like myself to you." The owner simply answered, " Good! I trust you." Because of their endeavor in their duties and behaviors, these two practitioners validated both the strength of Dafa and that Dafa practitioners are good people. The owner told them, "I know Falun Gong practitioners are good people. Even though there are many people without a job and it's pretty easy for me to find people to fill these positions, but I can't trust them, not knowing their background; it's very difficult to find people like you who are both capable and honorable." Their clarifying the truth about Dafa and their work performance earned respect and admiration from their co-workers.

Not being fooled by the lies from Jiang's regime, the owner treated practitioners kindly. Several amazing things happened in his business. One of the most prominent examples was when SARS was rampant. Most of the restaurant businesses were in bleak situations, but his business was as good as usual, and he was frequently booked with large wedding banquets and birthday parties.

This owner's business has prospered and lately he signed a contract to run the restaurant for a large hotel. During his recent hiring, he told the practitioner plainly, "Please find people like yourself who practice Dafa to help manage my restaurant business."

October 7, 2003