Facts of the Persecution

Zhang Rui, Hou, Ding Jianhua and several other perpetrators from Public Security Division for Xiangyang Police Department in Hegang City indulged in a frenzy of persecution against Dafa practitioners after July 20, 1999. They often abducted Dafa practitioners and ransacked their homes. Fang Jinfan, a residential committee official from Gongnong District No. 45 Section, Hegang City often monitored Dafa practitioners and led police to ransack their homes. He repeatedly tore up truth clarification flyers and lowered Dafa practitioners' basic living fee. Li Enhou, a police officer from the National Security Division of Hegang City Police Department, brutally tortured Dafa practitioners. On April 23, 2002, Zhang Rui, the head of Security Division from this Xiangyang Police Department, Zhuang, Nanyi Police Station head and several other police officers went to a shop owned by a Dafa practitioner in an attempt to arrest him. He wasn't in the shop that day. The perpetrators abducted his younger sister and took away the shop ownership deed. They often went to this Dafa practitioner's home to harass him.

The perpetrators at Jiamusi City Labor Camp brutally torture Dafa practitioners. They force the practitioners to do slave labor daily for long periods of time. When letters from the practitioners' family arrived, the guards read them first and then they punished the practitioners with different methods. Sometimes they even notified the local police departments to arrest the practitioners' family members. Every time a family tries to visit a practitioner, they have to answer the guards' questions and say what the guards want to hear. If they are slow in answering, they are not allowed to meet with the practitioner. Some families had to spend 10,000 Yuan* to have the practitioner released, which created a tremendous financial burden on the family.

The perpetrators at the Nanmusi Labor Camp in Sichuan Province use the following methods to persecute Dafa practitioners: they order collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to torture and brainwashing] to bombard newly arrived practitioners with lies in order to deceive them. They order two collaborators to follow each practitioner seven days a week, around the clock, and every day a group of collaborators would talk to the practitioners and try to instill lies. Twice or three times a week they force practitioners to attend a "criticizing conference," or they force the practitioners to read Dafa-slandering materials. For practitioners who refuse to attend the meetings, the perpetrators handcuff and shackle them. They pull these practitioners to the front to force them to listen to the lies. Practitioners who shout "Falun Dafa is good" at the meetings would be cuffed to a tree and shocked with electric batons while being beaten and kicked. Determined practitioners are forced to stand against a wall from early morning to midnight every day, and they are forced to listen to Dafa-slandering tapes. Every week and before holidays, the perpetrators would search the practitioners. If they found Dafa articles, they would torture the practitioner by forcing him or her to stand in a military posture all day long under the scorching sun, and his or her sentence would be extended by several months. They use all kinds of means to try to brainwash and deceive the practitioners.

News from China

The perpetrators at No. 1 Detention Center in Cangzhou City in Hebei Province force detainees to do heavy manual labor, and they beat the inmates if they can't finish the work. The authorities extort money from inmates using all kinds of methods. The detainees often had twisted mentalities from long-term torture. In such a unique environment, Dafa practitioners awakened the goodness in these inmates, and most of them understood, sympathized and supported Dafa practitioners after they heard the facts.

*Yuan is the Chinese currency. The average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan.