(Clearwisdom.net) After reading practitioner's articles on Minghui about how to correctly handle being "transformed," I felt like sharing my understanding.

When I was in a labor camp, I didn't become entangled in the various kinds of lying, deception, or evil enlightenment that were occurring because the Fa was dominant in my mind and the evil forces couldn't find any way to hold on to me. I kept reciting all that I remembered of the Fa and what Teacher had taught us. During every minute, even while the trainer was trying to forcefully brainwash us, I didn't stop reciting Hong Yin and Teacher's articles to myself. Thus, they could not find a method to prevent me from studying the Fa with a calm mind.

Amidst the tribulations caused by my human attachments, my most painful regret was that I hadn't memorized Zhuan Falun or studied the Fa as diligently as I could have before I was detained in the labor camp. Whatever Teacher told us is the Fa. While detained in the camp, I was constantly reciting Hong Yin and comprehending the deeper meaning of the Fa at a different level. Many times, when I felt Teacher's immense compassion and I reached a new level of Fa understanding, tears would well up in my eyes. My persistence in studying the Fa with a quiet mind allowed me to comprehend the vast meaning of the Fa. The Fa bestowed wisdom upon me and let me understand where those evil instructions were coming from, and how the truth was distorted and twisted. I was able to walk through that kind of evil environment because the Fa was the only thing in my mind. I also realized that whoever can study the Fa with a calm mind in any kind of situation is the one who cannot be brainwashed even in the most severe environment--without exception.

Actually, practitioners that experienced "evil enlightenment" were only manifesting evil thoughts from other dimensions; the old forces and demons found loopholes in practitioners with human attachments. Those thoughts were not coming from the brainwashed practitioners' true natures. Many were being "transformed" because of their extremely weak main consciousnesses and confused mindsets. Evil elements in other dimensions were actually controlling and persecuting them.

While confronting the slanderous talk and those practitioners falling into the "transformation" trap, we needed to recognize clearly that the evil demons and elements were in control. I realized that sending righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil elements at this time was a must. In the forced labor camp, I persisted in sending righteous thoughts whether facing evil enlightened people, vicious police officers, vicious people, or the slandering materials and audio and video products. Although I couldn't see with my third eye, I understood from the standpoint of the Fa that anything, even just a sentence, materially exists in other dimensions; therefore, one needs to persistently eradicate the evil elements with righteous thoughts.

Two incidents impressed me deeply: When the police forced us to listen to some sham "criticizing material," I relaxed a bit and was not as persistent in sending righteous thoughts as usual and so, I felt something very wrong Cdizziness. I immediately and persistently sent righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil elements. Still, it took a long time to eradicate this condition. Different evil elements have different damaging effects; we should never be careless about any kind of evil element.

One time, a collaborator wanted to chat with me. A thought came to me: "Isn't it a great opportunity to clarify the truth? If there is still hope to save him, let him come to talk to me." When he talked he quoted distorted facts. During our conversation, I suddenly thought about the possibility of evil elements backing him up and fear came to me. Instantly, I felt dizzy because of this thought. Recognizing this, I screamed within my heart: "Teacher, please help me!" In the meantime, I also sent righteous thoughts towards this person. Immediately, a hot current came from the top of my head and passed through my body. My thinking became clear instantly, and at that moment I realized that our compassionate Teacher is always with us. Afterwards, I heard the collaborator saying: "Ouch! Why do I feel so dizzy?"

After that, he listened attentively to what I was saying. When he left I noticed that he did so reluctantly.

Due to attachments, the person being "transformed" is one that has gradually lost contact with his true nature. This kind of person descends deeper and deeper, and his true nature is very saddened by this behavior. Yet, they are different than other beings. Our great Teacher is still waiting with immense compassion for them to return, and the sentient beings in their cosmoses are waiting painfully for them to awaken. We use righteous thoughts to eradicate the evils that persecute and control them, to help them awaken from the standpoint of the Fa, and to reestablish their righteous belief.