My mother and I obtained the Fa in the winter of 1996. During the days of evil persecution against Falun Dafa, my family has once again experienced Teacher's compassion.

In mid July of 2003, a metal door in a construction site smashed my husband's left thumb. The doctor's diagnosis was that in addition to the wound constantly bleeding, the bone in the tip of the thumb had broken at the last joint and was no longer connected to the rest of the thumb. Additionally, one of the muscles in the arm was pulled out of place by about 8 inches. The doctor incised the first joint of the thumb, removed the arm muscle, and issued a certificate of disability.

My mother came to my house as soon as she heard the news. She told my husband that since he supports us practicing Falun Gong and had been saying good things regarding Falun Gong, the Teacher would certainly help him. She said so as she inspected the wound. My husband trusted her, and the pain slowly lessened until it vanished. He slept well that night and was able to return to the construction site the next day to continue working.

On the third day he returned to the hospital for a check-up. The doctor said that due to my husband's good health, the wound had not become infected and was healing well. The doctor was amazed that his thumb could still move even though the arm muscle had been removed. He said that usually a patient receiving this type of treatment would be disabled. We knew in our hearts that this was all due to the magnificence of Dafa.

My husband did not bother to visit the hospital again. After 10 days or so, the muscle that was removed miraculously grew back. His left thumb works normally and his arm is not disabled at all. This has become the talk of the neighborhood. The saying "Falun Dafa is good" has taken root in the minds of the kind people.

During these 10 days, friends advised my husband to apply for a certificate of disability so that he could make a claim against his boss for compensation. However, he refused to do so. He is using his own actions to prove that Falun Dafa is both good and righteous.

October 10, 2003