(Clearwisdom.net) I would like to briefly share my understanding on a simple issue that seems to surface in a lot of things that we as Dafa practitioners are doing these days. A lot of practitioners have shared their understandings on the attachment to doing things and I appreciated the chance to read those. As I see it, what we are doing today all come from our own hearts and all the sacrifices we make, and we make them because we choose to do so. We are giving our all in order to save sentient beings in the face of all kinds of pressures, and in this we display our mighty virtue and we are in fact doing it for ourselves. It is our sentient beings we are saving and it is our Paradises we are enriching, and we help each other in doing so. But how much a person wants to give, how he chooses to balance all things he is doing is his own matter. It seems unnecessary to me to expect of others what we expect of ourselves. Why should we pressure others into doing something? A lot of practitioners stress that we must clarify the truth in this or that way. But is it a matter of obligation or is it something that is voluntarily and that comes from a person's heart? I'd like to think that we should do the three things mentioned by Master but never as something forced. As particles of Dafa it should be only natural to do so and from that perspective there should not be a need to push or pressure each other into doing so. It is my understanding that Master has never pressured us into anything, so why should we practitioners act differently when it comes to this? We all should be aware of the importance of the things we are doing today, but we cannot forget to cultivate ourselves in the midst of this. The things we are to enlighten to and how we perceive things may differ a great deal; hence the paths we take that are arranged accordingly are different.

This is my personal understanding.