In the morning of September 3, 2003, Dafa practitioner Mr. Liu Xianrong in Laiwu City of Shandong Province was arrested at home by Liu Deling from the Security Section of the Panxi Coal Mine in Gangcheng District. His family had expected him to return home for lunch and waited until 3-4pm before they went to the Security Section to look for him. The Security Section directed them to the Yanzhuang Town Police Station. The family went to the Police Station, where the police pretended not to know anything. After Mr. Liu's family repeatedly inquired about Mr. Liu's whereabouts, they were finally told that he had long since been taken to Zibo City's Wangcun Forced Labor Camp. Mr. Liu's family did not know which law he had violated to be sentenced to a forced labor term out of the blue.

Shortly thereafter, somebody from the Security Section came to Mr. Liu's family for their signatures. Mr. Liu's family refused to sign their names on the documents this person presented. The person then told them what happened. It turned out that not long ago, Mr. Liu wrote a letter containing Falun Gong information to an uncle and an aunt in his hometown. In a follow-up phone conversation, he casually asked if they had received his letter. However, this phone conversation was wiretapped, which led to his letter's being intercepted and opened by the Province's Public Security Office. As a result, Mr. Liu was sentenced to a forced labor term.

Earlier in June 24, 2003, Mr. Liu was already illegally detained overnight because of this incident by the Yanzhuang Town Police Station in Gangcheng District. The "610 office" and the Police Department also ransacked his home. Subsequently, the Laiwu Detention Center illegally detained him for eleven days. He was not released until he was tortured to the point of near death. One of his family members carried him on his back to take him home. Mr. Liu's parents were old and had multiple health problems. Upon seeing their son being tortured like that, they burst into tears. According to our source, Mr. Liu who is only 28 years of age, is an employee of Panxi Coal Mine in Gangcheng District. Because he insisted on his belief he has been detained unjustly three times by the Laiwu Detention Center. Mr. Liu was forced to leave his home and a wife who now has to take care of their eight-month old baby on her own.