On September 27, Beijing Evening Newspaper published an article entitled "Xinhua News Agency makes promises to society as it warns those reporters who violated the guidelines," in which it mentioned a complaint through the telephone hotline. The original article is translated below:

"The Xinhua News Agency is using the incident of a reporter violating rules in the Fanzhi mine accident in Shanxi as an example to make a promise to society. We promise to report exactly what happened, tell the truth, safeguard the truth and justice of the news while being righteous and fair without corruption, to be upright and firmly resist false reporting and news that is covered only because someone has paid a bribe, and to carefully follow the ethics of the news profession. We welcome society to monitor how reporters from Xinhua News Agency carry out this promise and people from society can report and complain directly to Xinhua news agency.

The telephone number for the hotline is: 86-10-63074267 or by email: xh4267@xinhua.org
Mailing address: 57 W. Xuanwumen Blvd., Postal Code: 100083, Beijing, China"

Please report any articles that slander Falun Dafa. We can clarify the truth to them with things such as: CCTV reporter Li Yuqiang has been the target of investigation by "The World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong" and a case has been setup for the investigation; Jiang and the head of the "610 Office" have been sued and many officials from China were found guilty for violating the human rights of Dafa practitioners.

We can use telephone, email and postal mail to provide formal reporting material and inject a righteous voice and influence to this special environment. This is a shock and suppression to the evil while at the same time the people there have the opportunity to choose to be righteous.