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1. On the evening of March 31, 2002, Fujin City police officers, together with Fuyuan County Police Department Political and Security Section policemen Zhang Sidong, Zhang Shuyi, Cai Jinlin broke into the home of Dafa disciple Yu Lijun illegally, abducted Yu, took him to the local Security Bureau and searched his home. Police tortured him brutally in the Security Bureau to force a confession. The police cuffed his hands behind his back and forcefully pushed his arms towards his head. They grabbed him by the hair and slapped him viciously, to force him to comply with their order to hand over his VCD/DVD player. Dafa disciple Yu Lijun resolutely rejected the police officers threats under torture. During that night, with Master's help, he walked safely away from his captors.

Fuyuan County police enforcers monitored Yu Lijun's and his relatives' homes. His parents and wife were followed and watched, their phones tapped. Check points along nearby highways were also set up to check vehicles. Using threats and tricks, policeman Zhang Sidong forced Yu Lijun's parents who are non-Dafa practitioners to hand over the VCD/DVD player which they did, to avoid further persecution.

Nevertheless, police officers from Political and Security Section and the local "610 Office"* frequently ordered Yu Lijun's parents to find their son within a specific time frame.

In November 2000, the local police again illegally searched Yu Lijun's home. They detained Yu for about a month without due cause, just because they found a tape with Dafa practicing music. Yu was released on probation after paying 3,000 Yuan for a bond.

2. Sixteen Dafa disciples arrested in Helongjiang's Fuyuan County in 2002 alone, and 12 of them were unlawfully imprisoned in the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp. So far, Shao Dianyin, Wang Chunguang, Li Xuejun, Ma Si, and Zheng Yingchun and others are still imprisoned and persecuted in this camp. No detailed information is available right now.

The list of individuals who persecuted Dafa disciples in Fuyuan County, Helongjiang Province:

Pu Yianqing, Political and Judiciary Secretary, "610 Office," 86-454-2131861

Guo Jilong, Police Department Chief, 86-454-2132730

Wang Guanghua, Police Department Deputy Chief 86-454-2131109

Zhang Sidong, Political Security Chief, Police Dept. 86-454-2131008

Zhang Shuyi, Political Security Section, Police Dept. 86-454-2133089

Ying Shiwen, Deputy Township Supervisor, 86-454-2121080

Feng Shiqing, Township Security Chief, 86-454-2133976

Ma Jun, Township Security Staff, 86-454-2133866

Jiang Hongtai, Police Department, 86-454-2137866

28 September 2003

* The "610 Office" is an agency specifically established to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.