The staff members in the Women's Prison in Heilongjiang Province have ceaselessly used brutality against Dafa practitioners. Especially during the eight days from September 4-12, 2003, Team 1 was experimenting on an aggressive brainwashing trial, using Dafa practitioners as victims.

The daily routine was as follows C

In the morning, they dragged Dafa practitioners to the pigsty where they were out of sight. Then, armed with electric batons to prevent anyone from escaping, the staff ordered some inmates to form a ring, forcing the practitioners to run around and around in circles within the ring. This activity proceeded from 8 a.m. in the morning till 4 p.m. in the afternoon. The inmates were told to beat up anyone who stopped running or refused to cooperate. If the inmates refused to beat the practitioners, the officers would beat the inmates. Thus a police of implication was initiated whereby most Dafa practitioners were so badly beaten that they could not get up at all. Those who resisted the treatment suffered even worse.

The Dafa practitioners were fed with only one meal a day. And after returning to their little cells, they were hung up from the ceiling for the rest of the night. Almost all the practitioners were unable to support themselves on their feet, but that did not spare them from further punishment. Every day, stripped of their clothes with wrists bound, the practitioners were dragged around and around the compound on the cold hard ground. A few shouted "Falun Dafa is Good" to keep their morale up. Those few along with the others who refused to cooperate were later locked up in a torture chamber called the "small cell," with their limbs bound and mouths taped up. The female practitioners in Team 1 had already been crippled by the torture. In this state they were dragged to the dirty pigsty and forced to squat with their heads down. Many of them fainted instantly.

Many practitioners in Team 4 refused to cooperate. When the roll was called in the morning, they refused to squat down. So the officers ordered inmates to force them down. They were not allowed to talk to each other, being constantly supervised by the inmates. Many of them were not allowed to go back to a cell to sleep until well after 12 midnight. Recently, some of Teacher's articles were discovered in a prisoner's clothing, so she was immediately locked up in a "small cell." The practitioners from Team 2 suffered similarly. They were not allowed to sleep until the early hours of the morning. One meal was shared between two practitioners. Most practitioners were starved to just skin and bones.

During the recent moon festival period, the prison conducted a comprehensive search. All the practitioners' belongings were thoroughly searched. Some were forced to remove their pants. Practitioners were monitored 24 hours round the clock. None of them were allowed to keep a pen and paper.

The temperature in the small cells was as cold as outside. Practitioners detained in these cells were fed with two bowls of watery corn soup a day, more water than corn. As for those who went on a hunger strike, a device was forced onto their mouths to keep them from closing, day and night.

The following prison staff participated in the persecution:

Chief officer Cong Xin, Senior officer Xiao Lin, Leader of Small cell Wang Yali, Team 1 leader Zheng Jie, Senior officer Yang Libin, etc., and the inmates.