Dafa Practitioner Li Hongjun was illegally sentenced to three years of "re-education through forced labor" for appealing in Beijing. He was incarcerated in the Weining Forced Labor Camp in Benxi City, Liaoning Province.

After he was released, he was continually harassed, interrogated and followed by police and officials from the forced labor camp, Wolong Police Station, the Juanfang resident committee and others.

After he had returned home for only three months, Li Hongjun was forced to leave home again to avoid further persecution. He did computer work at a Dafa truth-clarifying materials site.

Mr. Li's wife was also illegally sentenced to three years of "re-education through forced labor" in 1999, and detained in the Masanjia forced labor camp in Shenyang Province. She suffered all means of physical punishment, high-pressure persecution and over 16 hours of physical forced labor everyday. After she had been released, she too was also forced to leave home to avoid further persecution and had to separate from their school-aged daughter and her 70-year-old mother. Mr. Li's wife had been the only caregiver in the family

On the night of May 12th, 2002, Li Hongjun, Li Jing (Liaoyang City) and two other practitioners were arrested by the police from Xincun Police Station, Liaoyang City, while posting Dafa truth-clarifying flyers. At that time, one practitioner escaped. Seven days later, another fellow practitioner escaped with righteous thoughts.

In mid August, after Li Hongjun and Li Jing had been illegally detained in Liaoyang Detention Center for three months, Liaoyang City Hongwei District Court secretly sentenced Li Hongjun to ten years, Li Jing to nine years and another elderly female practitioner (name unknown) to seven years imprisonment. At the time of sentencing the court didn't even have the decency to notify their family members.

At the time of sentencing, Li Hongjun denied the arrangements of the old forces, and refused to sign on the written judgment. He was detained for an additional two months and then was sent to the Shenyang No.1 Jail in mid October. Prison officials would not allow his relatives to visit nor allow them to deliver clothes and other necessities. The officials only allowed them to deposit money to a prison account.

After less than one month, Li Hongjun was again transferred. The heartless police not only failed to inform them where he was sent , but also failed to notify them that he was even transferred elsewhere.

Until now there has been no news about him and his whereabouts are still unknown.