1. One day when I was shopping, I overheard two salesclerks chatting. One of them said, "A Falun Gong practitioner was shopping here yesterday. The TV shows have been saying how horrifying Falun Gong is." The other one said, "I think that there must be a reason that so many people in China are practicing Falun Gong. I guess that many people must have benefited from it so much that they decided to stick with it."

"But didn't many people die because of it?"

"You don't know the truth. Let me tell you that those media reports are simply lies."

So more and more people in Beijing have come to know the truth!

2. A fellow practitioner owns his own company. He clarifies the truth to his employees whenever he has time. In the beginning, his employees were unwilling to discuss Falun Gong with him because they were poisoned by the slanderous propaganda of the media. Later, one of his employees said to him, "I've been working for you for a while. I found that you are totally different from what the TV programs have said about Falun Gong practitioners. Those programs said that Falun Gong practitioners are very selfish. However, you are not selfish at all. Actually, one of my neighbors also practices Falun Gong. Before they practiced it, their child was very naughty and did poorly with his studies. Ever since they started practicing Falun Gong, their child became very polite and he has been doing great in school." That practitioner then loaned him a Falun Dafa book. After that employee finished reading the book, he told the practitioner that he used to have insomnia. However, now he is able to go right to sleep. He thought reading the book was a wonderful and miraculous experience.