(Clearwisdom.net) Last weekend, about 100 Falun Dafa volunteer contact persons, project coordinators and representatives from 11 states in western USA gathered in Los Angeles to share experiences in doing Dafa work.

In the past, practitioners from the western USA had difficulty communicating, coordinating and collaborating effectively with each other due to the fact that they are spread out over a wide area. With the progress of the Fa-rectification, practitioners have realized that it is a requirement for practitioners of various geographical locations, including western USA, to become a rock-solid, unified body in upgrading, improving and cooperating with each other as a whole body.

On the first day, the discussions and study focused on issues such as how to be an effective contact person, what the responsibilities of a contact person are, and how to improve as one. Practitioners shared many touching stories and their understandings on how to help practitioners participate in the Fa-rectification. On Saturday night, contact persons participated in California's local discussion group. On Sunday, project coordinators exchanged experiences in doing Dafa work and their cultivation practices.

The discussions of the two-day-long meeting happened in a righteous atmosphere, touching participants in a profound manner. The meeting laid an excellent foundation for the future Dafa work of western USA. It is a common goal of all western practitioners to become a single body and merge into the world's practitioners' whole entity, contribute to Fa-rectification, truth-clarification and offer salvation to people.