(Clearwisdom.net) For sometime now, the brainwashing classes in various districts of the city have been languishing in a state of paralysis, with the "610 Office" (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) at wits end against practitioners who are firm in their belief.

In both the male and female labor camps, the police used to forcibly deprive Dafa practitioners of their sleep, force them to watch videos that slander Teacher and Dafa, force them to remain standing for extended periods of time if they refused to write statements renouncing Dafa, and subject the steadfast practitioners to the "flying airplane" torture, where the practitioners had to stand with their backs against the wall, heads dropped forward, and both hands being pulled up from behind. The police also beat them frequently. As a result, some practitioners had injuries extending from the calf to the buttocks. Some practitioners were forced to sit and be tied up in the double lotus position for hours, with some for over 20 hours; a lot of the people suffered severe leg cramps and were in agonizing pain. The person in charge gave the police free rein to torture the practitioners. They persecuted the practitioners one by one, torturing the most steadfast practitioners the most viciously. Another despicable act was to place the picture of Teacher on the floor and force practitioners to step on it.

At present, the brainwashing classes in the districts have been aborted, with only one at the city level remaining in its last gasp. The "610 Office" is sending the steadfast practitioners there for individual persecution. They include a female practitioner who started a hunger strike ever since she was kidnapped to the district brainwashing class last October. She is quite emaciated now and has difficulty walking, but the "610 Office" still won't let her go. It is said that they have also arrested more practitioners, including two university lecturers.

We Dafa practitioners must be more clear-headed and strengthen our righteous thoughts, do the work well in every aspect as Teacher told us to, and minimize the losses as much as possible. At this crucial historical moment, let all of us Dafa practitioners together eliminate the evil factors in other dimensions that control the vicious people with our powerful righteous thoughts.