(Clearwisdom.net) Because I have been very busy lately, I have not thought of reciting Zhuan Falun [main book of Falun Gong teachings] for a long time.

I tried it before July 20, 1999, but even though I couldn't keep it up afterward, I was still able to read three lectures a day. After the persecution started, I became even more busy with Fa-rectification work. I reduced my recitation to two lectures a day and then one lecture. Now, sometimes I can't even make sure I read one lecture.

I suddenly realised that the old forces are trying to destroy practitioners' righteous thoughts and they create all kinds of situations to make practitioners busy and to test whether practitioners will continue to study the Fa in spite of being so busy. The thought of reciting Zhuan Falun faded slowly as I became more and more busy. This is the aim of the old forces. I steadfastly sent forth one righteous thought that no matter how busy I am, I will learn Zhuan Falun by heart. This thought will not fade. It does not matter how much I recite each day; I will continue.

As soon as my righteous thoughts emerged, that night when I was reading Zhuan Falun, I enlightened to the fact that when ordinary people read this book, to them it is a book teaching people to be good people. When practitioners read this book, it is a book showing them the way to cultivate, and when Fa-rectification practitioners read this book, it is a book giving guidance for Fa-rectification. Before I had thought that the contents of Zhuan Falun were guidelines for cultivation, but now, I see that it is all about how to do Fa-rectification. I felt so ashamed that I only enlightened to this fact after three years of Fa-rectification.

I have been reciting Zhuan Falun for more than a week now. Even though I have only learned four pages by heart, I feel that these four pages are filled with meaning. The benefit of learning the book by heart is that I can even make use of a few seconds and my thoughts are faster than any thoughts within the ordinary people's dimension. Before, I used to have a lot of distracting thoughts, but now as soon as my mind stops thinking, I start reciting Zhuan Falun and it is slowly becoming an energy mechanism.

In this way, I can be sure of the time I spend studying the Fa. I found that now I have lots of time to study the Fa because as soon as our righteous thoughts emerge, we find that many things can be done under the influence of these righteous thoughts.

The above are my own experiences which I would like to share with fellow practitioners.

January 6, 2003