January 9, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) The husband of a Dafa practitioner in Shandong Province has witnessed his wife become a very good person from following the principles of Falun Dafa, "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance." His wife also recovered from all her illnesses, and his family has become so much happier. He deeply feels that Falun Dafa is good and totally supports his wife in practicing Dafa. When he faced the persecution from vicious people, his righteousness was awe-inspiring. He is a true man, so let us simply address him as "Real Man" here.

One time, his wife's work unit sent a car and some people to stakeout their apartment. The secretary of the party committee also came to his house to threaten his wife and tempt her into signing the "guarantee letter" to not practice Dafa or going to Beijing to appeal. The Real Man righteously said to them, "That my wife follows truthfulness, compassion and tolerance is not wrong. What reason do you have to force her to sign the guarantee letter? On the contrary, I would like you to write me a guarantee letter! She works in your unit; you have to guarantee her personal safety, you cannot seize her casually and absolutely cannot torture her." The secretary then left without a word.

To avoid being kidnapped by the police, one of his wife's female practitioner friends became homeless and lived in their house. The Real Man said to her, "You are just like my sister. As long as I am home, I will not let anyone take you away."

One time, there were vicious men watching them from a car downstairs, and the situation became very alarming. The Real Man was ready to temporarily send his wife elsewhere to hide. After he came downstairs, the Real Man righteously said to the men, "My wife has not committed any crime. I will definitely go all out against anyone who won't leave us alone." The people that came to the stakeout were shocked by his righteousness and dared not follow or detain anyone. In order to finish the report to their superiors, they simply watched the empty house for a week.

The wicked people always watched his wife from downstairs at their apartment building. The Real Man reprimanded them openly in public, and the vicious people were extremely scared of him. In summer, they were hot and bitten by mosquitoes. They wanted to take a break in his house. The Real Man said to them seriously, "You dare not enter my house if you come for this reason. If you would like to come in, you must watch the truth clarifying materials." Some of them watched the truth clarifying CDs this way and accepted the truth clarifying flyers.

The Real Man has made use of the information he learned from the truth telling materials; he does not miss any chance to tell the truth and expose the lies. If at any time the heads of his unit, street committee or house committee come to his house to watch his wife, he will, with his wife, clarify the truth to them, persuade them to be kind, and distribute truth clarifying flyers and CDs. Thus, "reformation and surveillance" became "Fa introduction and truth telling." When the Real Man went out to take a walk, he looked for people to clarify the truth to, and when he met people who had already been poisoned by lies, he would not omit any details when explaining the truth to them. Sometimes, an emotional argument would ensue, and he would ask people to go to his house to watch the truth clarifying CDs. Many who have been poisoned by the fabricated lies were convinced by him and awakened. Some people now follow his example and also clarify the truth to the people around them.