January 6, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) I am an ordinary employee in a state-owned enterprise. After I attained Dafa, I conducted myself according to the principle of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance" and I worked to the best of my ability. Because of my outstanding performance, a partner group in Xinjiang Autonomous Region even had a conflict with my work unit. They insisted that I should join them, and the matter was taken up to higher authorities. I could feel the improvement in me as a result of cultivation. That was prior to April 1999.

After July 20th, 1999, my whole life changed. Overnight, from a backbone at my work unit, I became a person to be "strictly controlled." My supervisor coerced me to write the "guarantee statement" to give up practicing Falun Gong, and my colleagues with whom I got along well also asked me to renounce my belief. Many people paid attention to me, yet no one supported my cultivation. It seemed as if the only choice I had was to give in and tell lies. They probably also realized that I would face great suffering if I didn't write the "guarantee statement." Their "concern" brought tremendous pressure upon me. [This guarantee statement forces the practitioner to sign a paper that states s/he is remorseful for ever having practiced Falun Dafa, will never go to Beijing to appeal and will no longer associate with other practitioners and give up the practice.]

Our bureau carried out an investigation and my work unit had points taken off because I practiced Falun Gong. They used such an implication method to isolate Dafa practitioners. They deducted bonus money from all employees in the company because Falun Gong practitioners in the company went to appeal, in an attempt to foster people's hatred against Falun Gong practitioners. The days that followed were very difficult. One day I heard a loud police siren outside and learned later that many Falun Gong practitioners had been arrested. I felt terrible and found it hard to control myself, and I cried.

Seeing that I would not give in, my supervisor went to see my father and tried to assert pressure on me through my family. My father has a bad temper and was afraid when he heard I was about to be fired. He threw a tantrum at me. He beat me and cursed my mother. Seeing that all that was in vain, he got down on his knees in front of me. My family was turned upside-down. I could not take it any longer and promised to write the statement. I played word games and used phrases such as "realizing the current trend," "realizing the harm," and thought in my heart, "the harm means Jiang group is doing harm to me." I barely passed the tribulation but I didn't feel good. Although I didn't promise anything in the guarantee statement, it indeed brought shame upon me. I felt ashamed and depressed. Although I gave in, when I talked to people and officers in the security section I still told them the facts about Falun Gong and about the lies I found on TV, so my work unit still treated me as a "highly dangerous person."

Later, I learned how to use the Internet and copied truth clarification materials, such as the self-immolation incident, onto the computer in my work unit, and showed it to my colleagues. My supervisor was greatly shocked and held a conference with division chiefs. My colleagues didn't dare to look at the truth materials any more, because for them, it was no longer important who was right and who was wrong, and their sole concern was their own safety.

On June 22, 2001, two Falun Gong practitioners in my company went to Beijing to appeal. At that time, my company didn't know those two people were Falun Gong practitioners and it came as a great shock to everyone. They were worried and afraid that I would also go to Beijing. On June 29, 2001, persons from the Liaohe Oil Field Police Department and the Security Section of Prospecting Division sent people to my home and ransacked it. When they found Falun Gong materials in my computer and some banners in my home, they found "sufficient excuse" to arrest me. They took away my notebook computer and sent me to a detention center. Leaders in my work unit were relieved because they didn't have to worry any more about me threatening their interests.

When I arrived at the Liaohe Oil Field Detention Center, I didn't know what to do. I held a hunger strike to protest. During the hunger strike I only drank water when I felt thirsty. After 20 days I was thin and weak, but I had no symptoms of illness. The detention center personnel was watching me. They were not afraid as long as I was not dead. They even said to me, "Die if you want." I realized where the problem was and stopped drinking water. On the third day they force-fed me. They put me on a table and a group of prisoners pinned me down. They tried to insert a tube into my stomach through my nose, but they couldn't get the tube in, no matter how hard they tried. As I was only skin and bones, I was painfully struggling under pressure from so many hands and torture of the tube that was inserted into one of my nostrils. I had already had difficulty breathing with so many prisoners pressing me down. Then my head happened to move to the edge of the table, one prisoner pinned my head down so hard that my chin was tilted upward and I couldn't breathe. I felt I was being suffocated. I struggled instinctively, but the more I struggled, the harder they pressed me down. I experienced the pain of being suffocated to death. Maybe the doctor noticed something was wrong with me and he asked the prisoners to let go, and I could finally breathe. Maybe the prisoners didn't realize what had happened, but I was close to death. Afterwards, they resumed force-feeding and I don't remember how long it was. When it finally ended, it was lunchtime. The prisoners complained that they felt sick and could not eat after watching what I went through. My throat and nose were all swollen by then.

Because I didn't have a clear purpose for the hunger strike and I only wanted to express my dissatisfaction about my arrest, I wavered. I began to drink water again as I felt extremely thirsty. Ten days later, I began to vomit black things, and I felt extreme discomfort. Again, they force-fed me. This time there was no doctor present. A group of prisoners pinned me on the ground and pried my mouth open with a hard object, and they directly force-fed me that way. The first time they fed me black sesame porridge; the second time they fed me corn porridge with lots of salt. When my mouth was opened beyond its normal capacity, I could not breathe. The prisoners didn't care at all and my teeth were pried loose and the corners of my mouth were torn. I was restrained and pressed down so hard that my eyeballs were bulging out. Every second seemed to last forever. They tried twice but failed, because I could not take in the food the way they were force-feeding me, even if I wanted to, and the method they used could easily choke me to death. Their main purpose was to torture me. They also threatened they would force-feed me every day. I finally broke down. At this time, my family and colleagues came to talk to me. A friend of my family helped arrange them to see me by bribing the officers in the detention center. I finally ended my 36-day hunger strike.

During this time, the Oil Field Police Department authorities interrogated me many times, and every time they beat me with hard white plastic tubes. Maybe because I was on a hunger strike, the beating was not too severe. Compared to the beatings I received later on, these were only scratches. The local police also interrogated me once, and I was beaten during the interrogation. Their beating was a lot more severe. They hit me with uppercut punches. My chin immediately became swollen and my head banged on the wall many times, and a big lump appeared. This happened on the third day after I stopped the hunger strike.

To be continued...