Jan 12th 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) During the period between the end of September, 2002, and the Sixteenth Party Congress, the police often illegally broke into Falun Dafa practitioners' homes in Qianjiang City, Hubei Province, in the name of maintaining "safety" and "social order." They interfered with the normal life of practitioners by forcing them to sign statements promising not to go out (to clarify the facts of Falun Dafa), taking their fingerprints, and abducting them as well.

Practitioner Wang Yangzhen went to the security office in Qianjiang City one day to ask them to return an unlawful fine she incurred in 1999 and her ID card that had been illegally held there for three years. Upon hearing her request, ten thugs headed by police officer Huang Detao grabbed her arm and tried to forcibly take her fingerprints. Realizing that their actions completely violated the law, she firmly refused to cooperate. As a result, all the buttons on her shirt were ripped off and her arms became swollen and turned black and blue. Several dozen people in the office witnessed their violence were very angry.

Upon leaving his home one day, practitioner Li Mingyun was abducted by six or seven police, two of whom were Yao Chengli and Sun Yan. Afterwards, four police officers ransacked his house while Li's eleven-year-old child was there. When questioned what they were doing, the four police officers lied to the child saying, "Your mother borrowed our tape-recorder and we are here to get it back." After saying this, they continued to ransack the house.

Practitioner Zhang Guiping had just got home from shopping one day when seven or eight policemen headed by Yao Chengli broke into her house and ransacked it. When they attempted to take her away, she firmly resisted. After more than half an hour of struggle, they eventually broke one of her legs and she fell unconscious and was abducted to their car. Many people witnessed this and were outraged. The police took her keys and sent her to the detention center while she was still unconscious. Upon examining her physical condition, the doctor at the detention center found that she not only suffered from a broken leg but also had heart disease and hypertension, so he refused to let her be admitted to the detention center. When the police called the director of the local Public Security Bureau to ask for his opinion, he ordered the detention center to admit her anyway. Zhang Guiping did not drink or eat for two days to protest the illegal detention. Fearing that they would be held responsible if she passed away, the police asked her family to take her home. Later however, they continually threatened her and her family.

At present more than ten practitioners are being held at the detention center in Qianjiang City. The police torture them using various means, including handcuffing them and shackling them to a hard bed with chains for long periods of time. Sometimes the torture lasts twenty days or longer. The shortest time has been seven or eight days, during which practitioners are unable to take care of themselves and need help from fellow practitioners and kind inmates.

The evil police who persecute Dafa practitioners in Qianjiang City are:

Guan Hongbin, Yao Jiamin, Yao Cheng Li, Sun Yan, and Huang Detao