January 8, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) Since March 2002, police in Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province have started a campaign to arrest Dafa practitioners. Their main motivation is money and promotions. The police employed numerous dirty tricks, such as spying and break-ins to arrest many practitioners. They also extorted from practitioners' families a large amount of money and made a fortune. Every police station was assigned a quota to arrest people and paid reward money. During a truth clarification trip, a practitioner in Dongliao County was arrested and detained. Since this practitioner could not endure severe torture, he named several other practitioners. As a result, on March 12, police ransacked a material printing site and arrested several practitioners.

In September 2002, Liaoyuan City Intermediate Court handed 15 practitioners heavy sentences. Among them was Yang Guiqin (female) who received 14 years and was later tortured to death by guards at the Jilin Province Female Prison; Yang Guijun received 13 years; Guan Yanling (female), 13 years; Sun Liqiang, 13 years; Zheng Gang, 12 years; Liu Lihua (female), 12 years; Zhang Weixi, 12 years; Han Jihui, 11 years; Liu Peijun, 10 years; He Yuanhui (female), 10 years; Ding Xiaoxia (female), 7 years; Feng Gongcai, 6 years; Zhang Deli, 4 years; Li Guiqin (female), 4 years.

In addition, police also detained several practitioners and sent them to forced labor camps without trials. They are: Jiang Gang, Tian Yufeng (female), Zhong Yongyan (female), doctor Guo, Li Zhonghua, Hu Chengxiang (female), Shi Shuanglian (female), Liu Daying (female).