(Clearwisdom.Net) Recently, I told some Falun Dafa practitioners' relatives the facts about the persecution. Some of them were in China, and some were outside of China. These practitioners are very diligent, but their family members still verbally attack Teacher, Dafa and Dafa practitioners. During my conversations with them, I just talked to them about things related to their personal interests or I sent them my greetings, and they were very touched. I truly feel that we haven't done well enough and our families have been ignored, which has caused them to have misunderstandings towards Dafa.

We are worried that our families may not be saved during the period of the Fa's rectification of the human world, and so we are anxious to have them accept that Falun Dafa is good. However, haste will solve nothing. We should let them feel we are truly families. Through cultivation we have become magnanimous, open-minded, and more concerned about others. When they accept us, naturally they also accept our choices. Harmonizing the Fa on the level of everyday society is the responsibility of Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples.

Over the three years of persecution, what Chinese Falun Dafa practitioners' families have borne is huge. They have had to face the tribulations that their family members have suffered as well as direct persecution from the evil. They are not Dafa practitioners, thus they have to tolerate hardships that they cannot understand. Their material losses have been huge. Overseas Falun Dafa practitioners' families have also given a lot. Participating in Fa-rectification often requires putting in a lot of time and money. Of course, all this is reasonable to practitioners. However, as people who do not cultivate, they have not only tolerated loneliness, but have also paid a high price financially. They have also faced other people's misunderstandings. Because we practitioners are gradually giving up fame, profit and sentimentality, if we cannot handle this well, it's very easy to cause misunderstandings. They may think we are ignoring their feelings and this will damage their opinion of Dafa. Because they are not practitioners, we should understand that the pressure they have been under during the persecution is relatively more intense than what we have borne.

Clarifying the truth is not teaching the Fa. The higher levels we reach in Falun Dafa cultivation should be expressed more and more through our broadmindedness, character, open-mindedness, and other attributes like this. Being not attached to emotions does not mean being cold and numb to our families. Greetings or phone calls are both ways to show our concern to our families. If we truly understand them, no matter whether it is a big or small thing, they will feel the warmth of our compassion, not coldness.

If we cannot even be compassionate to our families during the process of saving sentient beings, how can we be compassionate to other people? Our relatives should be the people who have the biggest predestined relationships with Falun Dafa, so the first beings that we should save should be them. If all of our families speak up for Dafa, then the effects of clarifying the truth of the persecution to the people of the world should be better.

During cultivation, sometimes we have fewer and fewer thoughts in common with everyday people, and even enter a state of silence with them. This should be only a transition period during cultivation. I remember several years ago, I once called my daughter but had nothing to say to her. I immediately realized I should not be like this, because she knew I was a Falun Dafa practitioner and this would cause her to misunderstand Dafa. After this thought came out, my feelings changed. We started talking and laughing as we did before.

Having cultivated until today, I feel clearer and clearer that the difference between a human and a divine being is in just one thought. As long as we are able to stand from the point of being responsible to the Fa, our divine side will do the work, and we will be able to do better in the Fa-rectification.