At the end of December 2002, Falun Dafa practitioners held an activity to raise awareness of Falun Gong in Cardiff, the capital of Wales. This was a sunny day, which was the perfect weather for telling people about Falun Dafa. As they were in an open area, practitioners began by setting up display boards and posters that attracted the attention of people who went shopping that day. The posters told how Dafa is practiced in over 50 countries around the world and has been praised by countless governments. The posters also told about the brutal and vicious persecution in China under the command of Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin. Hundreds of thousands of innocent practitioners have been, tortured and beaten and hundreds have been murdered. After the site was set up, practitioners demonstrated the exercises together and passersby stopped to watch. Many people asked where they could learn the exercises.

A lot of passersby spent a long time reading the display boards and expressed their dismay and shock after learning of the Jiang regime's persecution of people who merely want to practice meditation exercises and be good people. After they spoke with practitioners, they were eager to sign the petition calling for an end to the persecution.

One practitioner continued to demonstrate the exercises near the busy street. The slow, graceful exercise movements and the beautiful Dafa music attracted the attention of many passersby. The rest of the practitioners took the opportunity to distribute flyers, talk to people and collect petition signatures. Practitioners found that western people accepted the leaflets with pleasure while many Chinese people showed reluctance or embarrassment and sometimes refused to accept them. Despite this, there were still a few Chinese students studying abroad who stopped to read the display boards. When practitioners approached them, they said that they were surprised to learn that Falun Dafa is popular outside of China and they took the leaflets home to read.

The activity was held in the square next to St. John's Church

People expressed surprise and dismay when they learned about the Jiang regime's persecution

Many people were attracted by the graceful exercise movements

Many people wanted to learn more about Dafa

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