(Clearwisdom.net) The third Florida Local Experience Sharing Fa Conference was successfully held on December 28 and 29 in Orlando, Florida. Many practitioners from all around the state came together in hopes of improving as one body and advancing forward openly and nobly on our paths in the Fa-rectification.

Morning practice Opening remarks Experience sharing
Sending forth righteous thoughts Group study Discussing how to clarify truth to the Chinese people

Based on what they had enlightened to within the Fa principles, especially after Master's most recent articles and lectures, Florida practitioners feel that cooperation and coordination are essential to staying focused and motivated as the end of the Fa-rectification nears. We feel that as particles of Dafa, if we are not in complete harmony with each other, and working together as one body to save sentient beings, we are hindering Dafa's ability to harmonize the cosmos. Thus, the organizers asked all participants to consider these issues before the conference so practitioners could actively participate in the discussion and maximize the effects of the Fahui.

The first day of the Conference was devoted to experience sharing. More than a dozen Florida practitioners reviewed what Master asked us to do as Fa rectification period Dafa practitioners through their experience sharing articles. After group exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts, veteran practitioners as well as those who had only practiced a few months shared many heart-felt and helpful reports. Several practitioners from inside of China also submitted reports to the conference. One, a female university graduate, has been detained three times and lost her job because she refuses to give up practicing Falun Gong. Through her and other Dafa practitioners' truth clarification efforts, the environment in her area has changed. Another mainland practitioner shared his point of view of how overseas practitioners could better clarify the truth to the Chinese people living in China who have been poisoned by government propaganda. Practitioners from Florida shared their ideas about how to further clarify the truth to Mainland Chinese and how to increase collaboration among practitioners. After each speech, time was allowed for the audience to raise questions.

In the evening, before discussion began, practitioners studied "Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia," and Master's scripture "Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples." Our discussion focused on the following topics: Helping one another to cultivate and maintain motivation, resolving inter-practitioner conflicts, and improving communication. We alternated between discussing insights into Fa-principles and outlining practical solutions to specific situations. Everyone emphasized the importance of personal cultivation and xinxing improvement while doing Fa-Rectification, as well as the need to share our insights and discuss our difficulties with each other regularly. This way we can advance as one body and increase the pace of personal growth and improvement while also increasing the efficiency of our Fa-Rectification efforts.

The second day focused on our Truth-Clarification efforts. Practitioners shared the importance of every approach to telling people the facts, and we discussed how we can be more effective in all of the things we need to do. A practitioner shared his understanding of the importance of clarifying the truth to Florida VIPs, and methods for clarifying the truth to the different levels of government. Members of the newly-formed media team gave a report on their plans for the future. A musician and writer explained how her team uses art and music to clarify the truth. We also learned new ways to break through the information blockade in Mainland China through the internet, phone, and fax so that everyone can be more actively involved in truth clarification efforts.

The weekend also marked the anniversary of Master Li's teaching at last year's Florida Experience Sharing Conference. Teacher said at that conference,

"I think these three things are all I'll talk about. One is your Fa-study, one is sending forth righteous thoughts, and the other is about how clarifying the truth is extremely important. Actually, you've already made it through and done all of these magnificent things, and you've already established this type of mighty virtue. But you should do things even better, and you should continue on until the evil is completely eliminated."

We would like to thank our Master for having given us this magnificent opportunity. We will use what we have learned at this conference to do better in order to be truly worthy of the title "Fa Rectification Period Dafa Disciples." We are all very grateful for this opportunity to meet with each other and to make quick improvements. The more we improve, the more beings we can save. Thus we will strive to live up to Master's expectations of us, and make rapid progress in cultivation and Fa-Rectification.