Little practitioners perform lotus danceStudents listen attentivelyLittle practitioner demonstrates the exercise again and again
Look at how earnest these children are! Can you imagine that these children are learning the exercise for the first time?

On September 6, 2002, little Dafa practitioners Angel (12 years old) and Nancy (5 years old) were invited to participate in the "Mind and Body Health Day" held in Canada Pioneer Primary School located 100 kilometers (about 66 miles) outside of Melbourne.

When they arrived at the school, there was a puppet show going on, and Nancy wanted to stop and see. After hearing her mom say that there would not be enough time to change clothes for the performance if they stopped for the puppet show, she immediately ran after Angel to change into her dress. She understood that she came to spread Dafa.

The lotus dance performed by the two little practitioners created an atmosphere of such peacefulness and serenity. During break time, the principal and many teachers came over to express their appreciation. A teacher especially came over to thank the little performers, "Such a peaceful and serene dance, and the soothing beautiful music (Pudu). The students were mesmerized by it and experienced a whole new kind of serenity."

Then, a total of more than 80 students from the third and fourth grade were divided into four groups, and they learned parts of the five sets of exercises. The children watched attentively and were especially interested in the sitting meditation. Female students said that the five-year-old Nancy could dance so beautifully because she practiced such graceful Falun Gong. When the students accepted the bookmarks with pictures of little practitioners practicing Falun Gong, they were very happy and expressed their appreciation again and again. Some students were not present at first to learn the exercises, so the two little practitioners demonstrated the exercises tirelessly again and again until the school closed. The 12-year-old Angel patiently corrected the hand gestures of many students.

On the way home, everyone felt so fulfilled and delighted in our hearts, even though we were somewhat tired. Letting more people know about "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" and the widespread of Dafa is every practitioner's responsibility. There are so many people, including children, who waiting for Dafa.