To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of formal diplomatic relations between Australia and China, a "Beijing Cultural Festival" was held at the Tumbalong Park of Lover's Port in Sydney. Dafa practitioners in Sydney clarified the truth of Dafa in many ways to the precious Chinese people. They handed out colorful balloons imprinted with "Falun Dafa is good", "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance" in Chinatown, where they were welcomed warmly. Many Australian Chinese have run into Dafa practitioners delivering Dafa truth-clarifying materials everywhere. The following are a few stories:

Chinese Guards Make Themselves Busy

Many visitors walked into Tumbalong Park holding balloons imprinted with "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance." Chinese guards tried many ways to interfere. One Chinese guard wanted a 5-year-old Australian girl to release her balloon, and said that she would get a better gift made in China. A Dafa practitioner nearby told the girl's mother that the Chinese ruler persecutes Falun Gong in China, and that they can't bear even the simple words "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance" on a balloon, not even in Australia. The mother suddenly realized what was happening and said to the guard, "Australia is a free country. We like the 'Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance' balloon." She took it from her daughter's hands and raised it higher. The guard had no choice but to walk away. A Dafa practitioner said to the owner of a nearby booth, "No wonder people say Jiang uses cruel methods to persecute on Falun Gong, I have seen that they are even afraid of just seeing three words."

On the first day, some Chinese guards pricked the balloons with knifes. Once two guards threatened a senior citizen into releasing the balloon in his hand. Some guards blocked those with a balloon in their hands from going through the entrance. Some guards drove people with balloons in their hands to the periphery of the festival site. On the second day, a Chinese guard demanded an Australian child to release the balloon in his hand, but an Australian security guard came to stop him and said, "This is Australia, you cannot treat a child in this way, he has the freedom to play with a balloon." The Chinese guard backed off. One Dafa practitioner told the Chinese guards, "Do not turn Lover's Park into Tiananmen Square. A government that cannot even accept 'Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance' is horrible. Jiang's behavior has brought China so many disasters. Those who have done evil deeds against Dafa will in the end only hurt themselves." The Chinese guards blushed with shame.

The third day, people with the balloons were everywhere in the park, and the Chinese guards no longer harassed anyone.

Clarifying the Truth of Dafa by Leaving a Message in the Visitor's Book

One Dafa practitioner left a message in the visitor's book at the painting hall, "I am very happy to see the economic development of China. At the same time, I hope my motherland could reform its political system and improve human rights conditions by releasing all the detained Falun Gong practitioners, and catch up with the pace of this era."

Another message said, "I am proud of the long history of the Chinese culture, at the same time I am really sad to see that Jiang has suppressed Falun Gong and those good-hearted Falun Gong practitioners with the most cruel methods ever seen in history."

The Song of "Falun Dafa Is Good" Reverberate in the Display Hall

After a show at 3 p.m. on September 13 had finished, the beautiful song of "Falun Dafa Is Good" was suddenly heard clearly in the display hall. The song came from a cassette recorder in the bag of a Dafa practitioner who was visiting and shopping in the hall. The song was heard in the hall for about two hours until the practitioner left.

Dafa Practitioner Clarifies the Truth of Dafa and Member of the Chinese Delegation Reveals His True Thoughts

Under the tight monitoring of many Chinese plainclothes police and guards, Dafa practitioners tried to talk to the members of the Chinese delegation. When one clerk heard about the abuses against Falun Gong practitioners in China from a practitioner, he said, "Jiang's regime is really cruel. They are afraid of Falun Gong and hate Falun Gong, and have tried every cruel method to suppress Falun Gong. Actually, ordinary people know what is happening. The only issue is that some officers who are afraid of losing their positions follow the state's slanderous media." A Chinese guard quickly came and pulled him away. Later, he came back again to talk to the Dafa practitioner.

Fellow Chinese from Mainland China Want to Make Copies of the Truth-Clarifying Materials

After reading the truth-clarifying materials delivered by practitioners, several Chinese with a southern accent were shocked by the scene of Dafa practitioners around the world practicing Falun Gong. They asked for more materials from the Dafa practitioner and said that they would make more copies and bring them back to China, so those without a chance to go abroad could read them.

"So this is the truth of the 'Tiananmen immolation' event"

A group of students from China had just accepted some truth-clarifying materials. Suddenly a student said excitedly, "Look! The Tiananmen Square immolation was like this!" Other students surrounded her and started reading. One student said, "My family members have all been deceived by CCTV"

After a while, three girls came back to ask for more materials. One of them said, "These are good articles, I want to take some for my parents. Could you give me more copies? If you have more, all of us want more copies." The practitioners gave them all that they wanted, and they kept saying, "Thank you, thank you!"

"Jiang's regime has gone too far in abusing Falun Gong practitioners, I cannot stand for it"

One factory manager accepted some Dafa materials and started talking with Dafa practitioners. He said, "There are so many corrupt officials, they just pay no attention to them but focus on abusing those good people. The Falun Gong practitioners in my factory are honest, hardworking, good people. But the police want to arrest them. Jiang's regime has gone too far in abusing Falun Gong practitioners, I cannot bear it. So I asked them, 'Falun Gong practitioners are good people, why do you only arrest those good people?' Just for those comments, they detained me for two days and interrogated me three times. Hey, it's hard to be good and honest person. The world has become a mess."

Jiang's regime made up many rules to keep the Chinese delegations going abroad from coming in contact with Falun Gong practitioners overseas. They apply brainwashing beforehand and monitor the members tightly while they're abroad. Some members of the delegations told us that everyone who has taken any Falun Gong materials in Australia has to give them up before going back to China. But no matter what they do, however, the members of the delegation already saw the truth of Falun Gong through their own eyes.