September 15, 2002

( The following individuals at Pingantai Forced Labor Camp are responsible for privately establishing a complete method to brutally torture the female Falun Gong practitioners in the No. 7 division of the labor camp:

Dai Wenqin -- No. 7 Division Chief

Jing Xuefeng -- No. 7 Division Political Instructor

Wang Yali -- No. 1 Subdivision Chief

Hu Ruimei -- No. 1 Subdivision Political Instructor

Li Xiaojing -- No. 3 Subdivision Chief

Liu Yingmei -- No. 3 Subdivision Political Instructor

Gu Yanling -- No. 4 Subdivision Chief

These perpetrators have created a systematic way for labor camp guards to physically and mentally torture practitioners for the long term so as to force them to denounce their belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance."

The following is a brief description of the torture methods:

Blindfolding and beating in a basement of the labor camp: A gunnysack is placed over the practitioner's head and then she is thrown into a dark and damp basement. The drug-addict inmates are instigated to violently beat the practitioner. In this way, the practitioner has no way to tell who has beaten her. Furthermore, the practitioner is still required to do forced labor during the day.

Under inmates' constant supervision: Two inmates are assigned to monitor each Falun Gong practitioner throughout the day. The practitioners are not allowed to talk to each other or to walk alone; otherwise, the guards will force the inmates to beat and kick them among other types of torture.

Punishment by forcing to stand for a long time: Falun Gong practitioners are forced to follow the orders of the drug-addict inmates or the guards and to write so-called "transformation" statements that slander Dafa [the statements are also used by the labor camp to indicate that the practitioners have renounced their belief]. Otherwise, the practitioners will be forced to do extremely heavy labor in the daytime and to stand still for prolonged periods at night. Furthermore, the practitioners are not allowed to wear coats and shoes in the cold winter weather.

Severe discipline and hanging by a rope: Each subdivision has at least two main hatchetmen and more than ten accomplices. These criminal inmates are specifically instructed to "supervise" or force the practitioners to work in the daytime, and to hang the practitioners with ropes and then brutally beat and torture them at night. The way of torturing is as follows: They first tie practitioner's hands behind their back with a rope in such a way that the rope cuts into their flesh. They then use the rope to hang the practitioner on a doorframe. The practitioner is put down every five minutes in order to prevent her from losing consciousness. These criminals would grab the practitioner by her hair and ask if she agrees to be "transformed." If she refuses, the practitioner will be tortured indefinitely.

Confinement and hanging by handcuffs: The guards cuff a practitioner's hands in such a way that the cuffs cut into the flesh. When the cuffs reach the bones, they will cuff the practitioners' hands behind their back and then hang them up on the window frames. The guards either pull the practitioners who are hung there higher and higher until their bodies are suspended above the floor, or let the practitioners stand on stools, and then suddenly take the stools away. Furthermore, the guards do not allow the practitioners to wear coats and shoes in winter and put dirty things into their mouths. The guards use this way to torture and force the practitioners to give up their belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance." If the practitioners refuse to give up their belief, they will be confined this way indefinitely.

Force-feeding: The guards send to hospitals those Falun Gong practitioners who have staged a hunger strike to protest the brutal torture. In the hospitals, practitioners are tied to the beds as if they were mental patients. Feeding tubes are then forcibly inserted into the practitioners' stomachs (in barbarous ways); thus turning force-feeding into an extremely agonizing and cruel torture.