(Clearwisdom.net) Jilin Province's Jiutai Forced Labor Camp has held more than three hundred Falun Dafa practitioners illegally sentenced to forced labor for their refusal to renounce the practice of Falun Dafa. On March 22, 2002, the forced labor camp authorities started to make all Dafa practitioners undergo compulsory "transformation." Each division within the camp undertook secret actions.

The details of what Division No. 1 did are as follows: Practitioners were interrogated in turn. Practitioners would be tortured if they did not give in. Each day, many practitioners suffered severe torture. Afterwards, they were sent to the No. 4 cell for "strict monitoring." Those who had undergone severe mistreatment were finally sent back to their cells. They had to walk down long corridors and pass by all the other prisoners' cells. The police were afraid that their criminal ways would be exposed, so the police would shout loudly, "Hang up the curtains on all the cells!" before those who had been brutally tortured were sent through the long corridors. Although they could not be seen, everyone could feel that the badly beaten practitioners used powerful righteousness and staunch faith to stand up to the evil forces' cruel persecution. The door curtains could block eyes from seeing the beaten practitioners, but they could not hide the steadfast faith of the Dafa practitioners. The criminal ways of the police persecuting Dafa practitioners will ultimately become plainly known to the whole world.

To coerce Dafa practitioners to give in, the police stripped practitioners of their clothes and held them down against the floor. The floor was covered with a plastic tarp. In order to increase the shocking force of their electric batons, the police poured cold water onto the tarp. The police brutally attacked, yet the practitioners did not retaliate. The police used electric batons to shock the sensitive parts of each practitioner. They used leather belts dipped in cold water to viciously whip staunch practitioners.

Yet even in this way, they could not achieve their goal of coercing Dafa practitioners into succumbing. So they contrived even more vicious methods. They pressed the sharp, broken ends of thick PVC pipes against the body of Dafa practitioners. They then twisted and turned the pipes, so that the broken ends would tear open the flesh and skin. They then dabbed toothbrushes in salt and brushed them against the wounds that were pulpy with blood and flesh all mashed up together. After that, they twisted the PVC pipes over the wounds again.

Some practitioners faced such cruelty every single day. Every day there were Dafa practitioners being interrogated, and every day there were Dafa practitioners injured and bleeding. Each interrogation, to practitioners, was a time when they did not know if they would survive or die. This persisted until April 19. On this day, police of the "Education Team" beat a practitioner who had just arrived in the camp to death.

Cases of persecution:

Police took Dafa practitioner Huang Yuedong to the interrogation room. A few people held him against the bed, and handcuffed and shackled his hands and feet. They used a hacksaw to cut the ends of a hard and thick PVC pipe into the shape of a cross, then they used this torture device to drill into his armpits, groin and chest. After bare bleeding flesh was exposed, the police sprinkled salt and used a toothbrush to work the salt into the wounds and electric batons to shock him. When the police shocked Dafa practitioners, they purposely looked for sensitive places such as the face, chest, genitals, armpits etc. Huang had a big chunk of his flesh cut away by the PVC pipes and then the wound rotted into a big gaping hole with the bones exposed. This sight was terrifying for all who saw. Even in this state, this Dafa practitioner did not give in to the police.

The police imprisoned one Dafa practitioner named Yu Jianhua in a small cell because he protested against the evil. A vicious criminal beat him with a wooden stick under the instigation of the warden. The stick was broken eventually but Mr. Yu did not give in.

The evil persons used all methods to torture one Dafa practitioner named Song Xu because he persisted in practicing Dafa. The tortures included forbidding him to bathe and wash up, depriving him of sleep, and not allowing him to finish his urination or excretion properly. They even pressed and banged his head against the wall.

Other Dafa practitioners being persecuted by Division No. 1 are: Liu Xinghua, Yin Xianghui, and Shi Guojun etc.

The above are only a few of many persecution cases, and only represent the tip of the iceberg. Because there is blockage of news from the forced labor camp, we are temporarily unable to reveal more about the state of affairs.

The criminal policemen are: Shi Chunfeng, Lu Yanhui, and Gao Chunbo etc.