(Clearwisdom.net) A Dafa practitioner entered a dining hall of a workplace to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa. There were over one hundred officials and administrators of the Security Section, Inspection Section and some other departments in the dinning hall. She walked among the tables, sincerely telling everyone: "Hello everyone, we are friends since we have the opportunity to meet each other. For the sake of the future and our eternal lives, please listen to the truth about Falun Dafa ......" In the same way, she went to another dining hall for officials and administrators of different divisions and some small restaurants on the streets to clarify the truth. Those who know the truth expressed their disgust with the persecution and showed their support for Dafa.

Once she was on a train and heard someone slandering Dafa. She then wanted to tell them the facts, but she hesitated when she saw the train policemen walking back and forth. Yet, another thought came to her mind, "I am here to rescue all beings from the evil lies. I must tell them." Soon the opportunity came when a young man stepped onto the train, claiming that he drank too much alcohol and would like to rest on a seat if anyone was willing to give him one. She gave her seat to him. The young man said, as he was expressing his gratitude: "Nowadays, there is still such a good person. Do you believe in anything?" She said, "I practice Falun Gong." Then she started to clarify the truth to all the passengers in the train car. The entire car was filled with compassion and peace. The pure and righteous field also restrained the train policemen, who did not notice what the Dafa practitioner was talking about when they passed by several times.

One day some policemen, who tried to enter her door by using a master key, blocked her and her son from leaving their home. She and her son took turns holding the lock for as long as one day and one night. She thought that she should not go on like this and that she must expose the evil. She went to the balcony and told the pedestrians below what was happening: "Hello, everyone. The policemen are bullying kind-hearted people! They do not allow me to go out because I practice Falun Dafa and want to be good. Where is the justice? They are knowingly breaking the law. Please voice your concern!" As more and more people were gathering, the director of the police station had to request a negotiation underneath the window since they knew that justice was not on their side. Facing the Dafa practitioners' righteousness and openness, the police were out of words and reasons. They had to leave in defeat.