(Clearwisdom.net) They were easy to spot, even from far away, these Falun Gong practitioners in their yellow or white-colored outfits. The practitioners had gathered at spacious Roemerberg in the center of Frankfurt, where the city hall is located. One could observe them being active among their information booth, informational placards, the photo sandwich boards of martyred practitioners from China, and also during the exercise demonstrations. The messages on the display boards, written in Chinese and German, coincided with this year's theme for World Peace Day and read," To achieve World Peace, the world needs Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance." This comment was the lead-in for many a conversation between passers-by and practitioners. Our flyers echoed the message.

Nary a passer-by, whether local or visitor, passed without at least casting an interested glance at the group and was glad to accept a flyer that explained the situation in detail. The by now familiar whisperings, "Falun Dafa," was especially audible from Korean and Chinese tour group members, but only a few among them refused to accept a flyer; on the contrary, a Korean tour guide asked for additional copies of informational materials in Korean language, which happened to have on hand. This woman held the materials up high, for her whole group of visitors to see.

Although this World Peace Day fell on a weekday, nonetheless, 25 practitioners had assembled to demonstrate the exercises in front of the offices of the Lord Mayor of Frankfurt in city hall, located at historic Roemerberg, and to inform him of Jiang Zemin's criminal conduct toward Falun Gong practitioners in China.

-Original text in German -