Practitioners Exchange Insights

In early June 2002, the police kidnapped a practitioner to the village police station, and took her to the district detention center the next day. She sent forth righteous thoughts in the car: "Let them take me back as they took me in." When they arrived at the detention center, the clerk there said that they could not take her because neither room nor guards were available. The police could not help but send her home. A few days later, the police tricked her and another practitioner to the police station. She thought after lunch: "Let them fall asleep." Two of the police left soon, and the other three fell asleep one after another. The practitioners walked out of the police station straight through its main door.

The truth of the Persecution

Because of my insistence on practicing Dafa since July 20, 1999, I have suffered many times indescribable tortures by the Cheliuzhuang town government, the police station, and the Fangzi District Detention Center in Weifang area, Shandong Province. I hardly lived a peaceful day in the past three years. They used all sorts of means to persecute me - ransacked my house, put me in jail, and beat me up. With my own experience, I want to tell all the good people in the world: "We are good people who are being persecuted."