Recently, government agents from the "610 Office," Police Department and Police Stations at Township level in Xiong County have been kidnapping Falun Gong practitioners. They have thrown practitioners into brainwashing classes, and have intimidated, interrogated and extorted money from them. They have tried to force practitioners to write the so-called "Four Letters" (to renounce and give up Falun Gong) and extorted from them a huge amount of money.

The following are the currently known cases of practitioners being persecuted.

Chang Zhangying: She was transferred on March 19, 2002 from a detention center in Baoding to the Xiong County Police Department. Yang Xiaotong, Director of the Political Security Section and his cohorts would not allow her to sleep and, later on, she was transferred to a brainwashing class. The Director of the Brainwashing Class, Xing Fengjun, was attacking her using a hard rubber stick and an electric baton, pouring water on her neck under her clothes and forcing her to stand on the wet dirt floor for 5 to 6 hours in a row. She was illegally detained for two and half months. The Education Bureau withheld 17 months of her salary with no reason stated and fined her 1200 Yuan.

Qin Jinquan: From Zhangqingkou of Xiong County. In the evening of May 15, without a warrant, Yang Fusheng, Assistant Director of the "610 Office", Xing Fengjun, and other agents went to Qin's house to search and threw him into a brainwashing class by force. They would not allow him to sleep. Qin went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. Feng Zhiqiang forced him to kneel down on a broom handle for a long period of time, interrogating him while pummelling him with a hard rubber stick. He was illegally detained for 10 days and fined 500 Yuan.

Chang Jiuliang: In the morning of June 8, some agents from the Town of Xiongzhou broke into Chang Jiuliang's house at a time when only his children were at home. They searched and took away a VCD player and many CDs, Falun Gong books and tapes. In the evening of June 11, they kidnapped Chang and took him to the police department without any due process or warrant. They forced him to kneel down on steel rods for a long period of time, allowing no sleep at all and severely abusing him physically. Two days later, Chang was thrown into a brainwashing class. Suffering from the severe torture inflicted upon him, he found it hard even to walk. His lower body was covered with bruises. He was illegally detained for more than 50 days and fined 3500 Yuan.

Song Yanchen, Gu Futian, Liu Huanrong, Deng Lanying, and Huang Zhenquan were thrown into a brainwashing class in the evening of June 11 by a dozen agents from the Township without any due process or a warrant. They were illegally detained for more than 50 days and fined 3000 -- 4000 Yuan.

Ye Dajun is from the Shilipu Township. His right arm was disabled due to being hung by the hands from behind for a long period of time. After the forced labor camp brainwashing class in Baoding, he was released. He was very weak, confused mentally, and had no money to get by. His fellow practitioner friends took him to their homes and cared for him for 7 months, after which he went home. After the authorities learned of all this, Ye was once again kidnapped and sent back to the police department. He was deceived and intimidated yet again. Later, he was transferred to another brainwashing class. About 2 months later, he was reluctantly released to his home only because he could not even eat due to his extremely poor health caused by his illegal detention.

Dong Wencai, Zuo Na, Hai Bo, and many other practitioners were forced to become homeless. They were kidnapped at around 10 p.m. on July 31, 2002. The next day, another practitioner was kidnapped from his home. Later on, they again kidnapped a few more practitioners in the township of Hanzhuang.

Recently Su Xia from the township of Gege, a practitioner from the township of Yidaowu and Wang Xiaoju from the township of Guzhuangtou were once again kidnapped. Wang Xiaoju could not care for her two-week-old baby. They were all detained in a brainwashing class.

All kind-hearted people, please join us. Together, let us stop this persecution of people of conscience. This is something that concerns everyone's future.

The vicious agents staffing the brainwashing class:

Xing Fengjun, Director, from Dahegang, Cell# 86-13932276158

Zhang Guoli, Education Bureau, Cell# 86-13932296980