"Focal Point," a CCTV program, broadcast a falsified report regarding the death of Du Weiping, a former resident of Dadianzi, Tieling County. The report slanders Falun Gong and its numerous practitioners. In regards to Du's death, we conducted a thorough investigation. We are now illuminating the truth of Du's death to the public, helping kind-hearted people to understand how Jiang's regime uses threats, false promises, and other deceitful means to attack Falun Dafa's reputation. The actual story is described below:

By contacting Du's neighbors and some local residents, we confirmed that Du suffered from mental illness. Although Du went to see many doctors, including witch doctors, her mental afflictions remained. Her parents also took her to a Christian church, hoping that her condition would improve; however, that also did not provide any relief. After all other possible remedies failed to cure Du's psychosis, her parents encouraged Du to learn Falun Gong. Du practiced Falun Gong for about two months, and her condition improved significantly.

Unfortunately, Du stopped practicing even before she had learned all of the exercises. Less than one year after she stopped practicing, her mental illness reoccurred. Du's parents again took her to see many alternative healers, but her situation continued to worsen. The last healer they found asked to be alone with Du in a room for three days. The healer requested that nobody be allowed to approach them. Unexpectedly, before the three days had passed, Du died. This happened on or about July 20.

Jiang's regime uses all sorts of means to fabricate false evidence to persecute Falun Gong. When the local police learned about Du's death, along with a TV reporting team, they rushed over to Du's house. Li Weimin, the deputy chief of the police station in Tieling County, and Cui Daxin, the director of the Tieling TV news department, talked to Du's family. They threatened and cajoled Du's parents to lie. They were coerced to say that Du died from practicing Falun Gong. Du's parents were promised that if they lied during the televised interview, they would be rewarded with 5,000 Yuan [Average monthly pay of an urban worker is 500 Yuan]. As a result, Jiang's regime fabricated another slanderous report and broadcast it to the public. Later on, Du's parents went to the Tieling TV station to ask for their payment. However, their request was denied. A Tieling TV manager refused to pay the money, arguing, "You were on TV. I haven't charged you, and yet you come to ask for money?"

We sincerely hope that people will no longer be deceived by these lies and fake reports. We hope people will be clear-headed. Please keep Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance in your hearts and treat Falun Dafa and Falun Dafa practitioners well. This will bring you a good future.