(Clearwisdom.net) The prison guards in this Jiuwuchang Forced Labor Camp inhumanly torture Dafa disciples who continue practicing Falun Dafa. Many of the Dafa disciples are college graduates. They have endured cruel torture during long term persecution. Many of the disciples were tortured to physical disability or injured very badly. In the winter, Dafa disciples were put into solitary confinement where it was so cold that their limbs were immobilized and could no longer function. During the summer, Dafa disciples were forced to run around in a circle under the hot sun. They were shocked with electric batons if they couldn't run anymore, and were dragged into solitary confinement after they passed out. The prison guards also ordered common prisoners to watch Dafa disciples around the clock, while Dafa disciples had to work 15 ~ 16 hours daily and were not allowed to talk. Currently, among Dafa disciples who continued practicing the exercises in the labor camp, some were tortured to disability and some had a mental collapse due to the torture. Some of them were so thin and weak that their bones were protruding from under their skin and they were at the verge of death.

The Dayi County Court issued an illegal prison sentence against Dafa disciple Wang Xiaosong and sent him to this labor camp. He was tortured for a long time, and was forced to write the "transformation" letter [renouncing Falun Gong]. In October 2001, Wang Xiaosong solemnly declared that the forced, written transformation letter was not valid. From that day on, he experienced more severe torture. The guards put him into solitary confinement, and his family members were not allowed to visit him. They forced him to work 15 ~ 16 hours a day and tortured him daily. He was forced to wear thin clothes and stand in the snow in winter, and was forced to run under the hot noon sun in summer. Guards shocked him repeatedly with electric batons until he fell unconscious, and isolated him from others for a long time. Now he is so weak that his life is in danger.

We hereby appeal to the kind people around the world, to the United Nation's Human Rights Commission, and to the governmental and non-governmental bodies in every country in the world: Please, stop the three-year-long bloody persecution against Falun Dafa practitioners by dictator Jiang's regime in China. Please, rescue the inhumanly persecuted Dafa disciples who were illegally abducted to the Deyang City Jiuwuchang Forced Labor Camp! Please, Rescue Wang Xiaosong, whose life is in danger.

Forced labor camp telephone number: +86 838-3820877, +86 834-7811701