It has become clear to me that the word "clarifying" not only refers to clarifying the truth verbally, but also includes the following aspects.

1. The instruments we use in clarifying the truth, such as radio, TV, audiotape, videotape, newspaper, magazine, telephone, fax, letter, email, Internet information, forum, slogan, flyer, advertisement, etc.

2. To whom we clarify the truth, including individuals, groups, social communities, government departments, family members, friends, classmates, colleagues, neighbors and neighborhood, etc.

3. Our approach to clarifying the truth, which can be direct or indirect.

4. The forms we use in clarifying the truth, like the exchange of information, business activities, cultural exchange, economic cooperation, tourism, media publicity, friendly organizations, social networking, etc.

5. The frequency of truth-clarification, be it once, several times, or continuously to the same party.

In clarifying the truth, regarding each of the above aspects, we should consider the following:

Clarifying the truth from an overall perspective.

We had the experience of handing out truth-clarification material at a concert for non-practitioners. While the guests did not pay special attention to the material when they first received it, they became very interested when the performers announced that their next song was dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted in China.

Clarifying the truth with sensitivity to different situations

Within the realm of everyday people's activities, we should create an environment of trust and kindness. We should express our benevolence by using these opportunities to present the facts in a manner appropriate to the situation. For example, one Falun Dafa disciple showed ordinary free movies to people. During the break, he showed truth-clarification films to the audience, and they watched quietly.

Clarifying the truth with effectiveness

Presenting truth-clarification materials to non-practitioners in a way that encourages them to read and pass on the information to others requires Dafa practitioners' wisdom and sensibility as a whole. We must consider all the issues such as how to prepare the materials, the location and situation for distribution of the materials, and our state of mind as Falun Dafa disciples when we clarify the truth to sentient beings.