The video is in Chinese.

On August 24, 2002, Dafa practitioners in Kanto, Japan came to Nara to tell people the truth of what is taking place in China: the wife of a Japanese businessman and a Falun Gong practitioner, Ms. Yoko Kaneko, is suffering illegal persecution from Jiang's regime because she bravely exposed the lies of the regime and safeguarded the truth of Falun Dafa. The practitioners passed out Dafa truth-clarifying flyers to everyone passing by and explained to them the facts about Falun Dafa.

Dafa practitioners' sincerity and kindness touched many kind-hearted people. They read the Dafa flyers, asked questions and signed our petition to show their support. Local TV stations also sent reporters to cover our activity.

On the first day of our signature-collection, it happened that the president of the democratic party of Japan, Mr. HATOYAMA YUKIO, came to give his public speech for the party's presidential election. Dafa practitioners explained to him the situation of Ms. Yoko Kaneko and the persecution of Chinese Falun Gong practitioners. After hearing the practitioners' explanation, Mr. HATOYAMA YUKIO picked up the signature collection book and signed his name in front of many media reporters.

Over 5000 signatures were collected during the two-day signature-collection event.

The local TV station broadcasted the activity on its evening news and made a comprehensive and fair report on the rescue of Yoko Kaneko.

The rescue effort will continue until Ms. Yoko Kaneko's return to Japan is secured.