In the last two years, I made a few new friends. We naturally talked about Falun Gong. Although they had only heard of Falun Gong after July 1999, I had a clear feeling that they didn't seem to have any obstacles in accepting Dafa. One by one they began reading Zhuan Falun. One of them said to me, "At my work, I could peacefully handle the tough problems created by lower-level employees. It felt the same as your Teacher Li's requirement. I should be able to practice Falun Gong, too!" Another person said, "Your Teacher left China in the interests of the Chinese government. Otherwise it would be truly tough for them [Falun Gong practitioners]." It seemed that I got to know all of them just by chance. But I could feel that they all came to me for obtaining Dafa.

Currently although the evil forces still look very strong, its propaganda has gradually lost all of its influence and people have started to see through their fabricated stories. China has become such a special stage where the most vicious beings in the human world have performed. The persecution of Falun Gong is the brutal trampling of basic human rights and human dignity. Currently more and more people have been realizing the coming of judgement and punishment. Even some of those who participated in the persecution of Falun Gong have started to search for ways to be saved. Some of them have worn red clothes or a red belt; others have worn some kinds of special necklace as an amulet. Will such things really provide any protection? Opposing Falun Dafa, instead of cherishing it, they have done so many evil things to bring damage to it, and in this way great danger would really be unavoidable in their lives.

As Teacher Li wrote in his poem The Big Stage (Published on February 1, 2002):

Five thousand years of human civilization,
has China Proper as the stage.
Foolishly absorbed in what unfolds in the play,
the grotesque scenes seem beautiful.
Awakening, people look at one another,
and realize the stage was being set for the Fa.