(Clearwisdom) On May 25, 2002, at about seven o'clock in the morning, I was at home when five or six plain-clothes police officers rushed in and said they wanted to take me away. I firmly refused. They took out two fake summonses. I tore them up. Immediately, these policemen roughly pushed me down, forcibly handcuffed me and took me to the local police station, where I was detained for over 24 hours.

During this period, several policemen brutally interrogated and tortured me. Three policemen from Fushun's No. 1 Police Division made me wear handcuffs for 24 hours, used thin ropes to tie me and each of my hands tightly to the chair; one hand was fastened to the chair with a handcuff. Then one police officer held down my left leg, while the other police officer grabbed my right leg and forcibly struck it against the wall badly injuring the skin on my foot. Three officers took turns torturing me. Sometimes they covered my head with a plastic bag to terrorize me into thinking they would suffocate me and tortured me while at the same time cursing and abusing me verbally. I had only one thought in my heart: "Solidly cultivating Dafa with an unmoved heart." I eradicated the evil with my righteous thought and silently chanted in my heart: "Master strengthens his disciple."

Shortly thereafter my leg started to swell. Large bruises developed on the inside of both legs. Under Master's protection I didn't feel pain, but the three policemen were sweating and tired. As a result they stopped the torture and interrogated me. I spoke to them with justice saying, "I am a cultivator. Everything I do is dignified and righteous. If I speak, I will speak the truth; otherwise, I will say nothing." When they heard this, the police knew they had failed again. Then one of them began to hit my face. After his hand became tired, he used a plastic ruler and randomly hit my face. I kept sending forth-righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. With my righteous belief and righteous thoughts and under the power of Dafa, the tricks and brutality the police used all failed.

On the morning of May 26, officers from No. 1 Police Division and some local officers forcibly sent me to a detention center. When I arrived at the detention center I had to undergo a physical check-up. Because I had been beaten so badly and I couldn't move easily, the doctor said they couldn't accept me and must perform a thorough check-up. In the No. 4 hospital, in order to cover the evidence of crime, they didn't dare to send me for an exam in the surgical department, but only did an electro-cardiogram in the internal department, where it was determined that I also had heart problems. According to detention center regulations they could not accept me. The officers from the No. 1 Police Division and the chief of local police office contacted the head of the detention center and paid an extra 200 Yuan bribe.[Chinese currency, about $24US, equivalent to one month salary of a person in a rural area] The detention center then accepted me.

I firmly resisted the persecution. I recited the Fa, practiced the exercises and sent forth-righteous thoughts in the detention center every day. I clarified the truth to the people around me and protested with a hunger strike all the way. On the sixth day of the hunger strike I was sent to the City Hospital for force-feeding. When the doctor measured my blood pressure it registered 180. He said it was too high for force-feeding, also commenting: "It's strange. Normally if a person doesn't eat for three days, the blood pressure will drop down; but she has not eaten for so many days, and the blood pressure is high instead. This has never happened! Her life-force is so strong." The words were repeated several times. I knew very clearly in my heart that this was the magnificence of Dafa. Since they could not force-feed me, they had to send me back to the detention center. In order to cover up the evidence of their persecution, they didn't allow my family members to visit me during the period I was detained.

All the evil people received their karmic retribution for my kidnapping and abuse, as related below:

On the afternoon of May 25, while three policemen from No. 1 division were abusing me, one of them got a headache; the other one had diarrhea and a high temperature all night, nonstop. On the second day, he had a toothache, a sore throat, and couldn't eat. The other one also didn't feel well, repeatedly using cold water to cool his head and wash his face. The head of the detention center, whose last name was Ji, also received karmic retribution. On the second day after I was kidnapped, he sustained severe wounds to the fingers on his right hand, which did not recover for more than ten days. He was the one assigned to process and sign me in to the detention center. As a result, the hand he used to sign me in was injured..

On the thirteenth day of the hunger strike, during the morning of June 7, detention center personnel intended to hook me up with an IV. Just after the first IV bottle was opened, the local police station and the No. 1 police section people came and said my daughter was outside the door, waiting to take me home. I believed their words. The doctor said: "Won't you drink the opened IV liquid then?" I drank it. Eventually they carried me to the car and directly sent me to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. It was a complete lie! On the way to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, section chief Huang from the No. 1 Police Section and the head of the local police station, Qu, contacted the captain of the clinic beforehand, telling him they would be sending a Falun Gong practitioner and asked him to "help out" when doing a physical exam. When I went through the exam in the Masanjia clinic, results of all the exams were abnormal. The doctor said he absolutely could not accept me. The evil police had no choice but had to send me back to the local police station; in the evening, they sent me back home.

I know that Master has endured all of these things for me. I was only able to return to the ongoing Fa-rectification because of Master's support.