(Clearwisdom.net) Pingantai Labor Camp in Gansu Province resorted to using force and coercion with Dafa practitioners. Labor Camp guards instigated drug-addict prisoners to badly beat a practitioner who persisted in practicing the exercises. The practitioner was hung from bars with handcuffs, but he did not accept the persecution and refused to renounce his belief. In the end even the drug addicts praised this practitioner for what he did. They even used his words and deeds to judge other practitioners there.

A labor camp captain, Wang Xin, forced Dafa practitioners to write the "three guarantees." (Documents that denounce Dafa and promise to give up the practice of Dafa) If practitioners refused to do so, they would be either hung by handcuffs or be forced to do heavy labor work. Moreover, each practitioner was watched by three prisoners all the time. Even when they went to the bathroom, they were monitored. Practitioners were not allowed to talk to one another. Those who refused to write the "three guarantees" were cruelly beaten. Some were beaten so badly that they could not walk for many days after, yet they were still required to do forced labor. In addition, practitioners who didn't write the "three guarantees" were not allowed to see family members. Labor camp officials forced family members who came to visit to curse Teacher and curse Dafa, otherwise they would not be allowed to see their loved ones, whether they had signed the 3 guarantees or not.

The punishment used in the seventh women's group of the Labor Camp for those who refused to write the "three guarantees" got people's hackles up even more. These practitioners were hung by handcuffs, and beaten harshly, not allowed to see their family members, and devastatingly punished. Some practitioners were tortured so badly that they could not move their arms and hands.

We are calling on Dafa practitioners to send righteous thoughts, to eliminate all evil factors in other dimensions in the Pingantai Labor Camp, to help the kidnapped practitioners regain their freedom, and to eliminate the evil persecuting Dafa.