Recently, four Swiss Falun Gong practitioners and 12 Hong Kong practitioners were illegitimately arrested in Hong Kong and falsely charged. They had been sitting peacefully, appealing to stop the brutal persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners in China by Jiang Zemin's brutal faction. These 16 practitioners have deeply touched the hearts of Jilin Province Falun Dafa practitioners.

Falun Dafa has spread around the world for more than 10 years and has benefited countless people. Hong Kong originally was a free society and had its own judical system. Falun Dafa is a legally registered organization in Hong Kong and should be protected by the Hong Kong judiciary. Moreover, on the issue of Falun Gong, Hong Kong should truly reflect the wishes of Hong Kong citizens and should not become China's puppet. As Hong Kong Falun Gong practitioners have said in their hunger strike statement, "The freedom, human rights and the spirit of rule of law that Hong Kong holds dear should serve as an example for the rest of China, rather than something to be destroyed and buried." (http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/8/13/25187.html)

During these past three years, Jiang Zemin's vicious gang has tortured and imprisoned practitioners. Innumerable practitioners are slaving away in forced-labor camps. To conduct this reign of terror, Jiang's regime has used the army, the police, secret agents, diplomats, the state-controlled media in China and other media outlets abroad. They widely persecute and slander Falun Gong, attacking Zhen (Truthfulness), Shan (Compassion), Ren (Forbearance). Ignoring humanity and the law, they have murdered hundreds of practitioners. (Sources within the Chinese government have stated that the actual number of practitioners killed is at least 1,600.) Jiang Zemin and his followers are afraid of Zhen-Shan-Ren and of the goodness and peace that these universal principles foster. To Hong Kong, Jiang Zemin's regime has spread its violence and its centralization of state power, disseminating lies and mischief to Hong Kong's people, poisoning the freedom and the lawful traditions of Hong Kong society.

Disregarding the facts and neglecting the rule of law, the scoundrels have recklessly trampled on Hong Kong Falun Dafa practitioners' civil rights. They are also severely harming all Falun Dafa practitioners across the world. Simultaneously, they are endangering kind-hearted and peaceful people everywhere.

The righteous will eventually win against the evil, lies will be exposed, and the kind-hearted Hong Kong people and all righteous people will stop the scoundrels from further spreading the slander.

Therefore, the Jilin Province Falun Dafa practitioners fully support the Hong Kong practitioners' unselfishness and peaceful act; they are upholding Falun Dafa and safeguarding the universal principles of 'Zhen-Shan- Zen' (Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance). We strongly object to the violence of Jiang's brutal regime. We appeal to all Hong Kong citizens to protect goodness and righteousness. We implore you to add a little more peacefulness and kindness to this world, restrain despotism and brutality, and help Hong Kong regain a peaceful, free and just environment.