Practitioners Exchange Insights

Clarifying the Truth in a Detention Center After I Was Kidnapped by Police

On July 4, 2002, police officers illegally took me to a detention center, where I was kept for one month. Influenced by the propaganda, the prisoners in the cell held some misunderstandings about Falun Dafa. I pointed out the suspicious points of the "Tiananmen Self-immolation Incident." In a compassionate manner, I clarified the truth and promoted Falun Dafa to them. Little by little, they began to understand Falun Dafa. One day, a prisoner named Wu asked me, "Do you think I can practice Falun Dafa?" As I left the detention center, the head of the prisoners in the cell said, "Falun Gong has left, now we've lost the one person who can tell us stories [about Falun Dafa]."

Recovering from Breast Cancer

Before practicing Falun Dafa, I suffered from breast cancer. I had a 6-hour surgery to treat the disease. Later, I practiced Falun Dafa. On the second day of my practice, I saw Master Li's Fashen while doing the third exercise. Afterwards, I attended the nine-day lecture. I cried when I saw Master Li's picture: he looked exactly like the Fashen I had seen. From reading Zhuan Falun, I found all the answers I had sought my whole life. I understood why human beings suffer tribulations and illnesses. I was grateful to Master Li for his compassion: my body was purified. I later had a check-up, and they found no sign of cancer.

Focus on Current Issues

Mr. Wu Huilin, director of the China Human Rights Association in Taiwan and professor of the Taiwan Economic Institute made the following comments regarding the seven charges those 16 Falun Gong practitioners faced, including the charges of "obstruction" and "police assault:" "If you look at the pictures taken at the scene it becomes obvious that the accusations were nonsense. Furthermore, they are completely opposite of the truth. This trial showed the Hong Kong legal system to be unjust and morally wrong." Yang Xianhong, member of the human rights consultation group in the presidential office and director of Taiwan News - an English-language newspaper, said that according to his long-standing observations, Falun Gong practitioners have indeed persisted in peaceful and rational protest activities. He found the Hong Kong government's verdict laughable and shameful, for it shows that Hong Kong's judiciary has lost its independence, and it cannot uphold Hong Kong's freedom and the "rule of law" as it has always done in the past.

Lawyer Wei Qianfeng, Ph.D., deputy director of Taiwan's Human Rights Improvement Association, also director of the Taiwan Law Association, and associate professor in the Law Department of Dongwu University pointed out recently that Hong Kong's trial of Falun Gong practitioners is an indicator of democracy and politics in Hong Kong. This indicator shows that the prosperity of the previous autonomy the Hong Kong people had enjoyed is shrinking. Moreover, the Jiang regime broke its vow to keep the "One country, two systems" policy. The Jiang regime has pushed Hong Kong's future backward from its past brilliant state. Dr. Wei Qianfeng further commented that Asian countries' human rights conditions are worse than those in Central and South America. The autocratic and isolated China especially needs attention and condemnation from international organizations. [All names above are translated according to the Mainland Chinese pronunciation, which may be slightly different with Taiwanese pronunciation]

Warnings of Natural and Man-made Disasters

Recently, around 3,400 people in Haikou City, Hainan Province have been suffering from conjunctivitis. The clinic of the Hainan Ophthalmic Hospital is receiving over one hundred conjunctivitis patients daily. Currently, this disease is spreading to many counties and cities including Qiongshan, Chengmai and Xinglong and may spread over the entire province. People are now rushing to purchase preventive medicines. As a result, supplies of antibiotics are falling short of demand. Some drug stores are seizing the opportunity to raise prices. At present, some effective eyedrop medicine can only be found at small, remote drug stores.

Media Reports

According to reports from the Central News Agency on August 17, the Taiwan Human Rights Advancement Association and 52 legislators of the government and the public held a press conference, releasing a joint statement, "Human Rights Go First during the Exchange between Mainland and Taiwan." The statement emphasized that although the areas of communications, transportation and trade between the Mainland and Taiwan are being advanced, exchange on the issue of human rights still remains undeveloped. Cases including Taiwanese businessmen and tourists encountering human rights infringement, as well as Taiwanese Falun Gong practitioners being wrongfully repatriated when visiting Hong Kong show that there is still much room for improvement on the issue of human rights. The Taiwan Human Rights Advancement Association also pointed out that the principle of human rights is a universal value that is beyond the boundary of geography and politics. Therefore, Taiwan should not remain silent over the Mainland's human rights abuses. The legislators and the public who co-signed the statement included 39 members from the Minjin Party, 7 from Guomin Party, 8 from the Hsinmin Party, and 2 from Taiwan Association.

News and Activities Around the World

Looking at medical case studies of reincarnation from a practitioner's point of view: The levels that the people under tests encountered were all within the Three Realms. A being usually needs to go through extreme hardship in order to learn something. It appears that for most people one lifetime has no special relationship with another in regards to elevating one's spiritual nature. A non-practitioner's experiences in reincarnation are not cultivation at all. His reincarnation is more of a waiting process than anything else.