(Clearwisdom.Net) A Falun Gong practitioner knew a mid-level official in his work unit who was demoted to clerk due to changes in management. He took a long walk to ease his mind, and then took the train to Tiananmen Square. While strolling around the Square, he was accused of being a "Falun Gong practitioner" or one of the participants of the student democracy movement, and therefore was arrested. Although he kept saying that he was neither, and provided both his name and work unit, the police refused to believe him. They tortured him and brutally beat him, cuffing his hands until the bones were exposed and his hands bled continuously. They tortured him for over 20 days before contacting his company to take him away. He was released and taken home, but needed more than one month to recuperate before returning to work, still with severely bruised wrists and a distressed mental state.

During the 20 days that he was missing, his family and company searched everywhere for him and were very worried. Jiang's regime illegally detained and tortured this man for over 20 days based on unfounded suspicions, typical of their policy that it is "better to kill 3000 wrongfully than to let one get away."