On August 18 2002 (Sunday), Falun Gong practitioners from Sydney Australia peacefully appealed in front of the Chinese Consulate, strongly protesting that the Jiang regime pressured the Hong Kong justice department and coerced the Hong Kong police to put Falun Gong practitioners on a political trial. They called on Hong Kong to dismiss the biased and unfair verdict, respect the will of the Hong Kong people and step out from under Jiang's shadow. Practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts at the top of each hour and practiced the exercises in a group. Though it was raining slightly,the practitioners persisted until the end of the appeal.

Representatives of Falun Gong practitioners read a statement regarding the Hong Kong government's political prosecution and unjust verdict. Below is the speech:

The accusations against "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance" itself confounds black and white, confuses righteousness and evil, and is extremely unjust. We noticed that during this 26-day-long trial, no passers-by have given testimony on the charge of "obstructing passers-by." The video recording taken on site showed that the practitioners only occupied 7 square meters of an available area measuring a total of 140 square meters, making it obviously impossible that the so-called "obstructing passers-by" could take place--and it didn't take place. We also know that only about a dozen Falun Gong practitioners were involved in this case; the number of people did not exceed the limit of the application for appeals required by Hong Kong police. The four Swiss Falun Gong practitioners came to Hong Kong in March upon hearing of the secret orders to "Kill them without pardon" and "Shoot on Sight" that Jiang had issued against Falun Gong practitioners in China. They, together with 12 local practitioners, peacefully appealed to the Chinese Liaison Office in Hong Kong. In order to uphold their belief in "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance" and to safeguard the truth, these Falun Gong practitioners upheld justice in a peaceful, legal and rational manner. What crimes have they committed? They are not only innocent, but inasmuch as they behaved according to the principle of "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance," they are noble, great, righteous and benevolent. What we have seen is that the Hong Kong government did not have the courage to face and resist Jiang's pressure, which has put the future of Hong Kong and its people in great danger. We feel deeply concerned and distressed over this!

This politically motivated trial and its unjust verdict demonstrates that the persecution against Falun Gong practitioners today is the persecution against all the Hong Kong people tomorrow. The reality or illusion, and the existence or disappearance of the "One Country-Two Systems" policy of Hong Kong, and the integrity or impairment of the independence and justice of the judicature of Hong Kong, directly relate to the Hong Kong people's autonomy, freedom of belief, and freedom of association--and if their right to peacefully appeal can really be practiced. The curtailment of these rights not only relates to Falun Gong practitioners, but also to all religious groups, communities, government departments and even every single Hong Kong citizen. The success of Jiang's persecution in Hong Kong is a serious step and a dangerous sign of the extension of Jiang's persecution against Falun Gong to more democratic countries overseas to damage all people in the world. The peaceful appeal of Falun Gong practitioners is not just for Falun Gong, but also for the Hong Kong people and people all over the world; they are standing up for the freedom and future of everyone. The just behaviour of caring about Falun Gong practitioners will help safeguard peace, justice, freedom, morality and conscience for all mankind.

We sincerely hope the Hong Kong government will be seriously concerned about the welfare of the Hong Kong people, think about the future of Hong Kong and its people, realize its mistakes as soon as possible, repair the serious damage that has been done, and repudiate this unjust verdict, so as to express the voice of the people and recover the Hong Kong people's trust in their autonomy.

We call upon people of justice and all the governments around the world who are deeply concerned with this event to condemn Jiang's persecution of Falun Gong and its extension to democratic countries overseas.

Chinese version available at: http://www.minghui.cc/mh/articles/2002/8/19/35157.html)