Recently a new student at our exercise site could not understand why we read Zhuan Falun from beginning to end over and over again instead of just selecting some different parts of the book every time as Christians often do with the Bible. Of course, I knew that Teacher emphasized the importance of reading Zhuan Falun without missing any of its content and that we improve our level and realize new things every time we read through it. But later I thought about it again and suddenly realized more deeply why it would not be so good to select different sections to read, even if at the end one would have finished the book without missing anything.

The way we read Zhuan Falun, it is like a never-ending stream. If we finish the book and start to read it again, it actually has no beginning and no end, and every time we go through it we improve ourselves. It is like circling upward in a spiral form. Then I thought about the name "Zhuan Falun," which means, "Turning the Law Wheel," and suddenly realized more clearly why the book is called "Zhuan Falun." When we read the book from beginning to end over and over again it is like a revolving Falun that turns without beginning or end. Like the Falun in our dan tian the book can, in this way, evolve us automatically and help us to make progress in our cultivation. But when we select certain passages, we take them out of context and the effect of this law wheel is no longer as powerful. Finally I remembered that Master said every word in Zhuan Falun is like a Falun. Therefore, it makes sense to think of the whole book as a big Falun as well, which turns endlessly and helps us move upward to higher levels until we reach consummation.

This realization helped me to further recognize the preciousness of Zhuan Falun and the importance of reading it repeatedly as a part of our cultivation in Dafa. I hope that this will have an inspiring effect on others, too, which is why I wrote it down.

If there are any mistakes in my realizations, please benevolently point them out to me.